8 of the strangest facts about ketchup

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Many of us think that ketchup is an invention of the twentieth century, but it is not. The first recipes of this sauce appeared 1500 years ago in China and used it only as part of complex dishes, not as a separate seasoning. Today, ketchup is almost always served separately, if, of course, exclude students, who drowned in the sauce the whole bowl. Besides, ketchup has become synonymous with fast food and junk food – it is believed that a person who cares about their health, the food it uses.

Likestory.net believes that “the enemy must know in person, so I collected all the little-known facts about this red sauce.

Ketchup is not tomato sauce

Originally, the recipe had no tomatoes. Asians conceived kutchup like fish sauce, it is based on was anchovies, brine salted fish or shellfish, walnuts, mushrooms, beans. Even the word “ketchup” is translated from Chinese kōe — “salmon” or “salmon” and tsiap “sauce”. More or less familiar to us tomato sauce only appeared in the 1824 cookbook “the Virginia Housewife”.

8 of the strangest facts about ketchup

Ketchup to feed every person on Earth

One of the biggest concern-giants for the production of ketchup produces annually 11 billion ketchup packets, enough for each person who is now living on the planet, including babies, and some lucky even get 2 packages.

The bottle of ketchup is in every house

The researchers found that in the US the bottle of ketchup is in 97% of families. The numbers are horrifying: if each year, Americans eat 78 million liters of tomato sauce, how many pounds of French fries to eat with him? In Russia the exact statistics yet, but you can conduct a mini-survey and ask 10 friends if they have any in the house ketchup.

8 of the strangest facts about ketchup

Ketchup is the cure?

In the 1820s-1830s ketchup was sold in the pharmacy, thinking that it helps to cope with stomach pain and save us from baldness and eczema. Sounds absurd, but element of truth in this. Despite the fact that ketchup on almost ¼ consists of sugar, it consists of lycopene, which is responsible for the red color of tomatoes and enters the human body only with food. In the elderly there is a lack of lycopene in the body, so they recommend to consume more foods that contains this substance. But with the same success, they can drink a Bloody Mary.

The speed limit

It is believed that ketchup should flow out of the bottle at a speed 0,045 km/h. If it flows slower, it is too thick, if it’s faster, it’s too liquid – ketchup doesn’t go on sale because of a violation of the formulation.

8 of the strangest facts about ketchup

“Friends” like ketchup, too

In the 1980s, are still unknown Matt LeBlanc starred in a commercial ketchup. In the video resourceful Matt opens the bottle of ketchup and leaves her on the roof, while coming down the long staircase for a hot dog. Of course, he manages to buy a hot dog and put him in the bottle in time. Joe doesn’t share food!

World record

In 2012 in Germany reporter Benedikt Weber set an interesting world record: he drank through a straw a bottle of ketchup in just 32,37 seconds. Somehow we think that Weber, now prefer other sauces.

Cosmic sauce

Ketchup eat even astronauts. This tomato sauce was approved by NASA for supplying the International Space Station.