8 reasons to marry a girl with a heavy character

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When people choose their life partner, they primarily opt for the person without flaws, or, as is often the case, the person with a minimum number of them.

Not everyone knows that the most important thing in choosing a wife – not the absence of flaws and virtues, even in the kit is a complex character:

If you want to constantly grow and evolve, not staying in place, you better marry a girl with a complex character. And there’s a reasonable argument.

Most men of course prefer girls with “no complaints” – they are easy, they don’t need much, they go with the flow, not to challenge them. These girls are good-natured and sweet, you nod and smile. With them comfortable.

But “other” girls are not going to put up, if they don’t have what they deserve. They need more from yourself and from life and from men. Plans these girls enough for all. They can argue, to convince and to persuade – they invest in the common cause of all the passion, care and emotions.

8 reasons to marry a girl with a heavy character

Not to say that the girls of the first type still. They value relationships and are trying to keep peace in the family at any cost – even her needs, dreams and hopes depart on the second or third plans. Their mind is not so creative. They easier.

Sleepy man will always choose the first option. He didn’t want nothing to work hard, especially on relationships. He didn’t want to be challenged or opposed his point of view. But such relations cannot be called smooth – they fade from the routine even faster. As people continue to live together, “the habit”, “for children, or mortgage.

But a real man understands that the girl with a difficult character is the best option. Yes, a girl is more difficult, but only because she always strives for the best. And with healthy communication in their relationship will only get stronger.

This is the type a girl should get married. You might think that this is not what you need, but this is it. Easy girl will never satisfy you – she is cute, but will inspire to great deeds. And you will never have to leave the feeling that you want something more.

Complicated girls – always creative and inventive personality. They may be called “crazy” or “bitches”. But no one will love you more and no one will make love to you as passionately as they.

Such girls will inspire you to the realization of your dreams. It’s always interesting to talk on any subject, and her arguments call into question your own value system. Will have to accept that on many issues she’s smarter than you. Yes, it’s not easy, but definitely will not be bored.

The “common” girls – “simple” mind. Life with them will be smooth and quiet as the sea calm. Here you have to decide what you prefer.

But if you want to become better, to expand the horizons of his thinking and abilities, you better marry a “sophisticated” girl.

8 reasons to marry a girl with a heavy character

Here are 8 indicators that you’ve found the right person.

1. She rarely tells you what you want to hear. But often turns out to be right. Marry this girl!

2. Marry a girl that requires you to respect yourself.

3. Marry a girl who has a point of view about politics, even if it does not coincide with yours.

4. Marry a girl whose eyes flash when you talk about all sorts of things in the world.

5. Marry the girl who will not allow you to ruin your talent.

6. Marry a girl that forces you to be better every day.

7.Marry the girl you often have to resist.

8. Marry a girl whose abilities and talents are your equal or even surpass them.

My dad always said that his mother was most attracted by the fact that she was smarter than him. Only a real man can admit that this dignity of the wife, and not a disadvantage. And also a valuable resource pair as a whole“.

Don’t get us wrong. Girl with a complex character more likely for men “pain in the ass.” They will argue with you about everything and can even make you feel that you can’t make them happy.

8 reasons to marry a girl with a heavy character

But over time, this girl will gain experience and wisdom and will be the best contender for the role of wife. And once you find one, keep it and hold. Perhaps it was the best thing that ever happens in your life.