8 places where better to relax this autumn

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Autumn is the perfect period to travel and temporarily forget about the rain, sleet and chilly wind. How could you not be impressed by the oversized scarves and fashionable tweed coats, like Benedict Cumberbatch in “Sherlock”, in October-November, starting with sadness remember sandals and a white t-shirt.

Likestory.net collected 8 warm destinations where you can relax in the fall.

Tel Aviv
8 places where better to relax this autumn

Go fall in tel Aviv, you will kill two birds with one stone – will be able to see all the sights without suffering from the heat and plenty swim in the sea. Delicious food, ancient Jaffa, a rich nightlife and wonderful beaches – this is Israel in October-November.

Weather (air/water): 28 °C / 26 °C

Canary Islands
8 places where better to relax this autumn

Velvet season in the South of Spain, on the beautiful island of Tenerife or other Islands less appeal to those who appreciate peace and similar. Green hills, incredibly beautiful beaches with black volcanic sand and the famous paella, that’s what the famous Canary Islands.

Weather (air/water): + 24 ° / + 24 °

Sri Lanka
8 places where better to relax this autumn

On Paradise island it is better to send in the second half of November: the rainy season and huge waves almost ended, and the crowds of tourists haven’t arrived yet. Sri Lanka is the ideal place for a beach holiday, the temperature does not change, the Indian ocean is the warmest in the world regardless of the time of year.

Weather (air/water): + 30 ° / + 29 °C

8 places where better to relax this autumn

India is a great choice for the autumn vacation. Warm ocean, cheap hotels, exotic atmosphere and charismatic Hindus will make your trip unforgettable. If you spend two weeks on the beach is too much for you. You can always do yoga or surf.

Weather (air/water): + 32 °C / + 29 °C

8 places where better to relax this autumn

About the service and hotels in the United Arab Emirates heard, perhaps, everything. If your goal is to enjoy the solitude and quiet on the seafront, it is one of the best options. Oh, and the Dubai is a fantastic city of skyscrapers in the desert – just amazing.

Weather (air/water): + 35 °C / 31 °C

8 places where better to relax this autumn

It is better to go in October, in November the rainy season begins. Although the temperature of +29 is a constant on this island, the rain can spoil the impression about the rest. Believe me, here no wonder tourists from all over the world – in Bali you should visit at least once in your life.

Weather (air/water): + 29 ° / + 28 °C

8 places where better to relax this autumn

If you dream of a romantic vacation with your beloved, then Seychelles is the perfect place to couple of weeks not to think about anything but each other. The weather here is always comfortable, and snow-white beaches and clear water are the best decorations for the autumn vacation.

Weather (air/water): + 32 °C / + 29 °C


8 places where better to relax this autumn

Who has not dreamed to get to the other side of the globe and to see a kangaroo? At this time in Australia spring comes and everything blooms, and in the South it is already possible to swim in the ocean. Only apply for a visa in advance: despite the fact that all documents are filed electronically, the process can take up to three weeks.

Weather (air/water): 28 °C / 19 °C