8 cool photo lifehacks for 90 seconds

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Spend just 90 seconds to watch this video and you will learn how to prepare an unusual artistic images using simple improvised means.

In this video, the photographer Peter McKinnon (Peter McKinnon) shares his favorite tricks. Typically, it uses them in a field where there is no possibility to carry full arsenal of lenses, filters and lighting equipment.

  1. Belt. Mount the camera on a strap and shoot the scenes in which the camera should move smoothly relative to the object.
  2. Coffee cuff. Use this simple object as a makeshift hood.
  3. The lip balm. Apply it on the edges of the lens to give the images a romantic softness. Please don’t forget to clean the chamber.
  4. Cellophane package. With this ordinary object can achieve very unusual effects.
  5. Sunglasses. Forgot your favorite filter? Nothing, come to the aid of goggles with dark lenses.
  6. The blade of the knife. Try to use it to direct the light into the camera lens. Use different angles of reflection to achieve best effect.
  7. Flashlight on your phone. Great portable light source that provides a huge field for experimentation.

And what an interesting life hacks for shooting do you use? Share in the comments?