8 budget tips to make the house more comfortable for winter

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How to update the interior, if winter is coming, and the salary far.

The colder it gets outside, the more I want to stay home with a cup of hot beverage, wrapped in a cozy blanket and reading an interesting book under the soft light of the lamp.

But what if the apartment you are no longer happy, and I want to upgrade to the “nest”, and the repair has neither the strength nor the time nor extra money.

Likestory.net believe, what not in money happiness, and shares with you designer tips. Tell how to make a cozy interior, if winter is coming, and the salary far.

A coat of paint works wonders

You have neither the time nor money even for minor repairs? No problem. You only need one coat of paint. Thanks to her, we will change the color of the walls in your room, and your mood will change for the better!

We offer monotonically to paint the walls, but first turn on your favorite music (more feisty), to take a loved one as assistants and work together to create magic with brushes.

Try to create the effect of watercolor splashes and delicate Ombre with blurred boundaries to contrasting combinations do not put pressure on you, and not pull attention to themselves.

Advice from Likestory.net: If you are not too handy with paint and the last time I held a brush on the lessons FROM school, take as “draft” a couple of flipcharts and practice on them. Even if you do not want to transfer their art to the walls, useful and enjoyable session of art therapy you provided.

8 budget tips to make the house more comfortable for winter

New things with “antique” design

You like vintage stuff, but new and shiny interior seem callous and deliberately modern? You’re just not looking for those accessories!

Here, for example, reading lamps — judging from the Instagram accounts of designers and popular bloggers, this is an important and even style of interior. But is it worth buying lamps in a junk shop and flea markets? Who knows how old the wiring is there? And who ever was holding this lamp?

But you can choose to store artificially “aged” thing with a rubbed body, hand-carved wooden parts and not perfectly smooth ceiling. You’ll know that it would Shine properly and start a fire in your apartment, and the guests with delight will elicit from you where you found such a pretty vintage piece.

Advice from Likestory.net: of course, in the “IKEA” of such lamps will not find, but Etsy has lots of options.

8 budget tips to make the house more comfortable for winter

Let there be light!

In the case where the repair does not threaten you in the near future, designers are advised to first change the lighting in your room.

First, it is always good to add a few light sources. To make the lighting above the Cabinet, or to make the lighting on the perimeter of the kitchen, buy a nice floor lamp or even a table lamp (see previous paragraph).

Second, it is possible to change the lamps. Maybe they absorb light its dim shades or just bored and annoy you with its dull appearance.

In General, if your interior light and monochromatic (white, gray, beige), feel free to add bright accessories: bunch of colorful balloons-lamps or lampshades with tassels. By the way, is already possible and Christmas garlands to hang to create Christmas atmosphere.

Advice from Likestory.net: If the budget is really tight and the wind of change already shines through the balcony door, buy some paper lamps, they are inexpensive, but can add novelty to your home.

8 budget tips to make the house more comfortable for winter

Your personal decor

You can not buy posters of famous designers and replicas of famous paintings to hang … Create a poster of your own!

Take the black ink or paint or buy in-store goods with a decorative set of gold letters and make a unique collage that will charge you a positive or “tune”.

Let it be phrases that are important or influence on you. For example, “You are changing the world”, “Do what you love”, “Everything worthwhile takes effort” or something special like that. Will see how pleasant the change will start to happen more often.

Advice from Likestory.net: On YouTube there are a lot of workshops, which decorate the interior elements. For example, the popular wooden horses or men from IKEA. You can come up with an unusual design for them: in particular, to write a motivating caption.

8 budget tips to make the house more comfortable for winter

“Metal” way of looking at things

When we say the word “metal”, it emanates from the cold and lack of life. However, the interior metal parts, on the contrary, fit perfectly in almost any design and live well with natural materials: stone, wood, ceramics, and plants.

The most versatile shade are chrome: metallic light grey gloss can be applied not only in door handles and claw foot floor lamps, but also in decor pillows, vases, toiletries. Another good choice would be a warm Golden palette, which is good and goes well with dark and light background.

Definitely pay attention to metallic or metallic accessories. So, buying just a small set for a bathroom, you will change the style of the entire room. Of course, for the better.

Advice from Likestory.net: Buy decor items with non-uniform “fading” and roughness on the body, as if nature chose for them. These accessories will decorate any interior and will add history and depth. And any surface can be artificially “metalizing” using spray paint. This technique will allow you to save even more on your budget.

8 budget tips to make the house more comfortable for winter

Nothing more. Only personal

Gone are the days when everything was shipped from overseas and not very travel Chinese magnets and then store them in the fridge. Now the dominance of cheap and meaningless trinkets in the past, and we recommend you to decorate the house important or pleasing you with the details.

It is not necessary to buy in stores dozens of vases, deer heads and frames with seals. Better to let in prominent places are a couple of your photos with loved ones, scented candle (if you use it) and a bunch of peonies (or any other color). And the eye is pleased, and the dust does not accumulate, and your cat is less temptation to throw all reactive during night raids.

Advice from Likestory.net: Bring decorative items from various trips (but do not clutter up your shelves), you will create a colorful combination and will leave pleasant memories about the vacation.

8 budget tips to make the house more comfortable for winter

Not to buy, and to rearrange

Not always, to renovate your interior, you need something to buy or to remodel. Just try to rearrange some items in the room, move the couch, move workplace onto the balcony (especially if you have it insulated), change the pillowcases on cushions and remove the dishes from the coffee table. This is exactly your room is? But it looks completely new!

Such permutations are possible and should be done regularly so that you do not bother your home environment.

Advice from Likestory.net: A better and faster way interior decorated with bouquets of fresh flowers, which can be put in colorful vases.

8 budget tips to make the house more comfortable for winter

Everything on the shelves

Sometimes good health and comfort separates us ordinary cleaning. Try to brush off the dust, throw away unnecessary bills and papers, to collect the dirty clothes and fold all of the important documents and records in one folder.

You will see that your Desk is not so small and cluttered, after washing the Windows of light in the room became much greater for a cute selfie don’t need to clean up the rubble of things and five mugs with traces of coffee.

No wonder they say that being determines consciousness, that in purity we think it is better and easier and everything in life unfolds on the shelves.

Advice from Likestory.net: Some storage boxes with multi-colored doors, neat boxes and organizers for stationery — they look so stylish they don’t have to hide, they can become pleasant accents in your interior.

8 budget tips to make the house more comfortable for winter