7 ways that will help you gain confidence

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Confidence — as mysterious as, once we have assured ourselves in his presence, we will immediately leave at the crucial moment: on the first date, during a big presentation or important negotiations… From our self-confidence often depends, and financial success, and career and happy personal life. Fortunately, the quality is amenable to development — should only adopt a few simple rules and make them your habits. Find out how to be assertive and to overcome shyness.


Ask someone close to you to observe your posture and even better to film you on video so you could assess their demeanor. From the posture directly affects your confidence and it’s not just that people with your head held high and straightened backs wins externally in comparison with the ever stooped. Modern researchers claim (in particular, it says social psychologist Amy Cuddy in her speech at the TED conference) that good posture causes the body to produce the hormones responsible for the feeling of self-confidence. So, if you are concerned about how to become more self-confident right now, the solution is simple: keep your back straight!

7 ways that will help you gain confidence


It is difficult to overestimate the impact of music on our emotions — no wonder many of us have playlists for different moods: this serene tune is good for a relaxing morning Breakfast in a Sunny kitchen, that’s the song I want to walk in the rain and be sad and want to listen to this in anticipation of a romantic date… Create a special playlist consisting of songs that will fill you with confidence, help you feel tighter, fitter and stronger. Perfect theme from the soundtrack of paintings about superheroes or athletes (the classic “Eye of the tiger”), hits stadiums of the type “We will rock you” and other Groovy uplifting songs (creative Pink fits perfectly — for example, the song “Perfect” was created for the girls wondering how to become strong and confident).


The most important thing in this method is to remember not just their achievements (although this is very useful), and related vivid emotions: a sense of pride for the achieved results, a deep sense of satisfaction from solved challenging tasks, the joy of victory — look in its memory a situation in which you experienced such feelings. Remember how you finally ran the marathon, which is so long in the making, or as jumped with a bungee or the like managed in a short time to finish the burning project. Try again to feel these emotions as if those events happen to you now — this will help to charge the necessary confidence.

7 ways that will help you gain confidence


Dress for success is, perhaps, the most obvious answer to the question about how to become a confident woman. And not just because the meet all of us, as usual, by their looks, but also because well-chosen items of clothing are able to add confidence to even the most shy and timid. Be careful with choosing an image for a situation when you need to be on top: you have to feel irresistible, while remaining themselves. Take the time and energy to find your own voice, consult your friends or even consult a professional: maybe all you need to become more confident is to slightly change the image.


Trite, but true: those of us who have devoted at least half an hour a day physical exercise, much less wonder how to build confidence — as well as those who skillfully plans his schedule and still manages to sleep well despite the busy schedule and stress. The logic is simple: to boost your confidence, you must first charge your energy body. And he will not remain in debt, providing you with the necessary dose of endorphins. In other words — healthy body, healthy spirit.

7 ways that will help you gain confidence


Restless, confused speech — one of the first signs of uncertainty. Pay attention to the speeches at the Oscar ceremonies, Hollywood celebrities — expressive, but slowly, majestically, with feeling, with properly, with deliberation. It is not surprising that those who want to look and feel more confident, psychologists recommend to develop a habit of speaking slowly, so it will be easier to control it, and the impression is much more advantageous. Avoid long complicated sentences — so it will be easier to maintain the desired rate of speech.


Bouts of doubt often coexist with perfectionism: it is difficult for us to regroup, because we constantly remind ourselves that that’s so-and-so could make a much better presentation could be done more interesting negotiations should have prepared more thoroughly information it would be nice to collect a little more… That’s exactly the case when the best is the enemy of the good: how we would improve all indefinitely, the reality rarely matches the ideal, we all make mistakes — and that’s fine. As a rule, no one expects perfection from you — just enough conscience to do everything in your power. So take a deep breath, exhale — and take action.

7 ways that will help you gain confidence