7 useful techniques how to wake up happy

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For many of us the day starts with the ringing of the alarm clock. And we celebrate it if not with disgust, it is certainly no fun. This situation can be changed!

1. Share the awakening and rise

That is not to jump out of bed immediately when the bell alarm clock, as in the army. And to give your body time to Wake up. The ancients believed that night the soul leaves the body, and in the time of awakening comes back. Using this metaphor, we can say that it is useful to give your soul time to ensure that she fully returned to the body and comfortably in it.

2. To yawn, sigh and take a good stretch

With this begin the cycle of waking all the animals. If you have Pets, pay attention to how they Wake up. Maybe it’ll give you a hint. Stretching, listen to your body and its desires. Maybe you want to scratch or RUB a place, arch your back or, alternatively, to curl up in a ball. Do it, watching his reaction. Stretch is useful because our body, even at night often keeps the tension – especially if we go to bed something the anxious, alarmed. Stretching will help to defuse the residual stress, relieve muscle clips.

7 useful techniques how to wake up happy

3. Getting out of bed, to walk barefoot on a clean floor or carpet in an unhurried manner, listening to the sensations, enjoying

Floors must be clean, because when we step on any dirty surface, we instinctively try not to get dirty, reducing the area of contact with the dirt. So we bend the foot, compress it, trying not to step a full foot. But the contact with pure, pleasant to touch surface gives us the tactile pleasure, and we are pressed against her foot.

Night foot rest from the load, which is maintained throughout the day. So in the morning it is good to give them back the sensitivity. Those who are willing to give your hard-working feet even more attention, it may be advisable to raise from the floor with the toes of small objects like balls or rags, and then move attention to the heel, feeling confident and tightly presses it to the floor.

4. Awaken other senses, offering them a pleasant feeling

Hands to pet the cat or dog to touch something delicate, soft, fluffy or silky. Don’t force yourself to do it, but to pleasure yourself – look for what you like, which is nice.
Eyes also very important for us. There is a saying “tear eyes”. Better eyes not to tear, and gradually to uncover. For this you can look at something beautiful, and it is not on the picture or screen, and on nature: the sky, clouds, tree branches, flowers. And don’t load your view that is related to business.

Often we just woke up, hit the phone, iPad, computer. This does not mean that we love to do it. This is a manifestation of anxiety that is characteristic of contemporary urban residents: we live in the flow of continuous information, which can not handle, and this causes concern, fear to miss something. We strive to repay this unpleasant condition, urgently involved in the communication, information flow. But such a desire only indicates the level of anxiety and does not meet our true needs.

Useful to give yourself a pause before turning to gather the resources of the body. In the morning it is better to allow peace to meet with myself and the world.

7 useful techniques how to wake up happy

5. Listen to the pleasant sounds. Ideally, the birds singing

If birds are not around, you can turn on soft melodic music.

But if we need to recharge and want the opposite, loud and fun music? It all depends on what we intend to get a result. There is no universal recipe, but each of us is able to guess what he strives for. Someone fit and jazz, and heavy metal. Maybe someone wants to move vigorously to the music. By the way, all of us used to move from side to side, freely swinging arms.

6. To create a buffer zone

Some people like to do morning exercises, but let’s keep in mind that gymnastics is a structured and purposeful action, and focus hard to hear the pulses coming from inside his own body. And attention to them is of paramount importance.

Loud music and vigorous movement greatly stimulate the body. They are good in situations when we need to mobilize ourselves to perform some extraordinary tasks, for example, for the exam. However, resorting to hyper stimulation daily, we risk to bring your body to exhaustion.

If a concussion doctors recommend that you lie down for a few days in silence, no TV, no computer, no bright lights. In such circumstances, the body itself restores its resources. And so after waking up it is very important not to just stand up and create a sort of buffer zone for a supportive transition from one state to another: from the dream to wakefulness.

7 useful techniques how to wake up happy

7. Take the example of the sun

A good way for the proper lift may be the dawn. The darkness of the night not suddenly gives way to bright daylight. First thins the darkness gradually becomes lighter, then the long dawns, the horizon turns pink, gradually gaining strength paint – and finally the sun rises to Shine all day.

Perhaps the hardest part of this is to give yourself permission to care for myself. So that your own convenience and peace of mind did not seem to us excessive luxury but has become a familiar condition. Who will give us the time? Only we ourselves. Maybe we will be easier to do this if we think that, standing in a good mood, we will bring more joy not only to themselves but also to our fellowmen. We will be able to “Shine” in full force.

How many still need time for a full revival? This is an individual value. And most often unknown to us, because from childhood, when parents raised us out of bed to drive to kindergarten and school, we were not able to see the unfolding process of awakening itself, in its natural pace.