7 surest signs that you like men

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To understand how it applies to you man, no need to ask him in the forehead or guessing to the last. Just look at his posture. Regardless of what man says, and gestures can tell about his true intentions much more.

So Likestory.net picked the most eloquent gestures of the male, dating back to ancient instincts. They will give you to understand that he cares about you.

1.Smooth or straightens hair

7 surest signs that you like men

Usually men as if trying to give himself confidence. Seeing an attractive person, we instinctively dress for example correct hairstyle. By the way, this also applies to women.

2. Has a hand in the area of the belt

7 surest signs that you like men

If a man holds hands at the hips — he puts them in his pockets, touching the belt is the clearest signal display of power. The same meaning carries a pose, when a man sits with his legs apart.

3. Tries to occupy as much space as possible in space

7 surest signs that you like men

Males of many animals, when the fight is scheduled for the female, swell, bristle fur or feathers. All this in order to look like can be massive. When a man does these actions with a woman – this is an example of the ancient instinct.

4. Open position

7 surest signs that you like men

When communicating we subconsciously adopt a more open posture towards one who to us pretty. Also pay attention to socks shoes. People do not notice how unfold them in the direction of someone you would like to talk.

5. Awakened eloquence

Watch does the man more talkative, when you get into his field of vision. This suggests that he would like to impress you.

6. Copying poses

7 surest signs that you like men

Take a look, do not “mirror” any man at least partially postures that will accept you. This means that he tries to understand you and find something in common, and his subconscious distributes it to the body.

7. Excited facial expressions

7 surest signs that you like men

If you like the man, his face takes on a friendly, open expression. The look becomes soft and concerned, and if he is a little worried, can act as a blush.