7 secrets of a proper lady

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To recognize a real lady does not need much thought. It is visible from afar. Lady is a way of life. It consists of a bearing women, gait, manners, speech, gestures and even tone of voice, charming smile.

A woman you will never miss it. It attracts hundreds of views. It looks of admiration and envy.
The best example of real lady was Coco Chanel learn, get inspired!

Likestory.net also interested in this topic. Here’s what we found:

7 secrets of a proper lady

Lady is always in control of your gestures

Sometimes we don’t notice what we look like from the side, frown and hump in the conversation, waving hands, and after hearing the joke laugh out loud. As soon as you stop thinking about how you look from the side, start to occur bad changes. Lady remembers it every second! And not only when someone sees her, and alone with you. It cannot be otherwise.

Lady is always elegant

Learn once and for all: the movements are smooth, soaring over the ground gait and proudly raised nose. Elegance is not innate, and studying. So each of you have a chance

7 secrets of a proper lady

A lady loves himself

She and her needs for her always comes first. And that’s not selfish!

After all, when she’s happy and content, she is able to generously give this energy to everyone around her.

She always keeps calm

A real lady with her head held high taking all the trouble, never harbors anger and resentment. It’s so unreasonable!

She always puts her psychological health in the first place. Calmness, only calmness. In this world there are no unsolvable problems. A lady that is exactly anything!

This woman is admirable

She never goes unnoticed, does not hesitate to hear in your address compliments and gladly accepts them. She’ll just say “thank you”, knows that she is worthy of these sweet words.

7 secrets of a proper lady

He loves his body

It may have not perfect figure, but the lady knows how to present herself. She not chaser fashion, and has its own style.

She does not adhere to someone else’s rules. Lady has its own rules and regulations!

The last secret: she always does as she’s comfortable

Who said that a lady never walk in shoes without a heel, and in clothes prefer the classic style only? She does as she wants, how she feels.

Dear lady, be always on top, be prepared, but always be yourself!