7 reasons what causes men to end the relationship

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Why man loses interest in a woman?

You are not deprived of male attention, but every novel ends, having barely begun, and your fans, as though they disappear from view after a month of Dating? If at least one of the following descriptions, you recognize yourself, then it is possible that you are build relationships via the obviously hopeless scenario. Find out which female habits that most often cause the man to lose interest and end the relationship.


In his bestseller “You’re a goddess! How to make men crazy” Marie Forleo very well articulates one of the basic needs of men — to be accepted unconditionally. The writer proposes to compare the choice of men buying the product in the store: we are free to choose, but our attempts to change the already purchased goods unsuccessful and foolish — man “sold” us only “as is” and any attempt to change it, “upgrade” or to educate will certainly lead to disaster and mutual disappointments. “Either accept him the way he is or leave him, baby,” the uncompromising advises Marie.

7 reasons what causes men to end the relationship


If in the first weeks of Dating your habit of incessantly Twitter about everything will cause men to sincere affection, after a couple of months he will be replaced by irritation, headache, irritation, and a burning desire to run aimlessly — few things can bring a man out of himself faster than women’s talkativeness. So leave the gossip from the world of celebrity and retelling the latest releases of beloved reality show for friends, so as not to injure the delicate male psyche.


If you tend to live in the eternal mode of competition and to compete with everyone around the ability to earn money, to cook and being able to drive a car, then it is possible that unconsciously you will take the habit to compete and in a relationship with a man. In rare cases, such a competitive atmosphere can go the relations to benefit and add sharpness, but it is rather an exception, usually a man, by default, the clock competing with everyone around, with the woman still looking for tranquility and possibility to relax, not a call to conquer the next mountain adventure race. So if you don’t want to turn your romance in a totally not romantic competitive race, slow down and allow yourself at least sometimes just to drift.


Independent and successful miss independent is intriguing and pulls the man; too powerful and unable to compromise “the iron lady” is scary and off-putting. If you constantly complain about the lack of true gentlemen and brave knights, ask yourself the question: do they have a place around you if you yourself are quite capable of (and the ability of this proud to show off) and its own restaurant bill to pay, and the bags are heavy to carry and fix a broken faucet? Try at least to throw off the armor, give the knight a man and he wants to make them for you again and again.

7 reasons what causes men to end the relationship


The baggage of past mistakes, painful separations and unhappy novels is in each of us, but sometimes it becomes a serious problem. If in conversation with the new boyfriend and then you reminisce about the former, every day checking his page in the social networks or even seeking a meeting with him, your man can from such a relationship to tire quickly — very few people like to be a reserve player and part-time personal psychologist.


“She makes me laugh,” the only valuable compliment that a woman can bestow upon a sincere passionate man. Sense of humor sometimes is a much more powerful weapon of conquest of men’s hearts than stilettos, stockings and glamorous makeup; conversely, if you have a gloomy disposition, prone to irony (and especially irony), and his jokes cause you only confusion and bewilderment — your novel is unlikely to last long.


It is no secret that men often fall for women who are in love with themselves: they never get bored in their own company, they are happy, love to care for themselves and are able to put their interest in priority. So sad to see how with the advent of the boyfriend they throw the usual classes at the gym and the pool, indulge in much-loved get-togethers with friends, and (most sadly) eschew glamorous makeup and fashionable clothes in favor of robes, pajamas and artless “tail” (about unshaven legs and a shabby manicure probably mention too). No matter how strong the euphoria of love, do not forget that every man in the soul remains a hunter, and the surest way to keep his attention — not to deny attention to itself.

7 reasons what causes men to end the relationship