7 phrases that men hate

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What not to say to your beloved under any circumstances.

Sometimes during a conversation with a man enough to drop one awkward phrase, after which it becomes it doesn’t matter what you want to convey to your source, all they will be perceived in bayonets. ELLE has compiled a list of seven phrases that are especially annoying the representatives of the strong half of humanity, and tried to understand why they deduce men from itself.


Want to intrigue the other person and so pointedly say: “We need to talk”? Forget about this phrase: according to psychologists, most men perceive it extremely negatively, and what information you tried to convey to the partner after it, it will still perceive it in bayonets. Try to use alternative options like, “Honey, I have a surprise for you” or “Honey, I would like to discuss with you the current situation.”


Even if you are offended, don’t say that phrase. First, it sounds abusive and your lover can give the impression that you think it is, to say the least, intelligent enough. And secondly, you need to accept the fact that he really could not guess, as the male mind is wired a little differently and the representatives of the strong half of mankind often do not attach importance to things, which obsess women. So, if you want to avoid confusion and conflict with your partner, just tell him in advance what you want.

7 phrases that men hate


Uttering the phrase, you risk not only to local conflict, but in General, to spoil relations with her man. How? Very simple. First and foremost, if you’re constantly taking over for him, eventually he’ll get used to it and you really have to solve all problems independently. In addition, according to psychologists, this phrase can become the catalyst for the emergence of your partner complexes. Because in his mind you are weak and helpless Princess who he must protect, but in fact is quite the opposite — easily solving problems that initially considered masculine, you are referring to his inconsistency.


Another phrase of the same order as the previous one. Saying it is like you are questioning his manhood. And it will agree, few people can like, especially if your partner and so is not strength of character.


This phrase could be the beginning of the end of your relationship. So never utter it in the presence of his beloved. And remember, in a harmonious relationship no one owes anyone anything. Both partner do what you think is right. And if he really appreciates you, you will surely make you satisfied.

7 phrases that men hate


The Golden rule of harmonious relations — don’t limit the freedom of his partner. So if he wants to go out on the weekends with your friends and spend a couple of hours in male company, let him do it. And stop trying to treat this like you he got bored. Just men occasionally need to switch and confirm its status as a successful and independent male in the circle of their own kind.


At first glance, this phrase seems innocuous, but in fact, no less than the previous may hurt a man for a living. It is not only women worried about their appearance. Your partner may also not be confident and adept at hiding it. Therefore, if you notice that the lover has gained a few extra pounds, then just invite him along to visit a climbing lesson or go for an evening jog.