7 non-obvious things that people can judge about us

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Our behavior often depends on a situation in which we find ourselves. However, each of us has his habits and peculiarities of that people — often unconsciously — determine their attitude to us.

Likestory.net invites you to test how true the research results, explain how certain things affect the perception of us by others.


Research conducted at the University of the U.S. state of Alabama showed that although only a handshake is difficult to fully appreciate the stranger, some insights can still be done.

It turned out that the stronger the handshake, the more purposeful and confident look of a man standing in front of you. In addition, the same studies have established that people with a firm handshake often very emotional and communicative.

Nervous habits

7 non-obvious things that people can judge about us

Most often we can’t control things like winding strands of hair on the finger or touching own face, and similar actions.

According to research conducted at the University of Michigan, people who suffer from “nervous” habits, a tendency toward perfectionism, and almost never can completely relax. In addition, these symptoms only intensify if these people feel sad, tired or frankly bored.

Do you have a pet

7 non-obvious things that people can judge about us

Professor of psychology Dr. Denise Gastello from Carroll University, USA, conducted a study among six hundred students, some of whom considered themselves to be cat lovers, and the other to those who prefer dogs.

It turned out that “dog people” — people are more active, sociable and energetic. Those who prefer cats, in most cases, introverted, sensitive and vulnerable. Dog lovers often follow the rules, while the “cat owner” in most cases can be called non-conformists.

So, for the first time meeting a person, look to see if his clothes pet hair, perhaps it will help to build a dialogue with him.

Eye contact

7 non-obvious things that people can judge about us

According to the data obtained in the course of studies doctor of psychology of the FC of Farnham, people who during a conversation with someone looking for eye contact, are perceived not only as more good-natured, but also as sincere and truthful.

In addition, a prolonged eye contact speaks about extrovertedness, and a short one – about the introversion of the interlocutor. People who are able to take a long look into the eyes of the counterpart, more confident and have a rich social life.

How do you communicate with the waiters

7 non-obvious things that people can judge about us

How a person talks to waiters or other service personnel, can tell a lot about him. If the person is polite to those from whom he depends, and rude to people who are below his position or social status, then such a manner demonstrates his bad attitude towards people in General.

There is even an unofficial “waiter rule”, formulated by several prominent businessmen. One of them said that once at the interview, held in the restaurant, was refused a job to a person who was very sweet with him, but it is very rude talking with the waiter.


7 non-obvious things that people can judge about us

Oh man, late for a meeting, often have a negative impression even before Dating. In fact, the reason of delay may be, for example, other than you, the perception of time.

However, if you delay taking the “chronic” character, then you, most likely, the so-called one type “B”. As studies have shown, the people are calm, unhurried, balanced and not prone to ambition, whereas people type A ambitious, active and more focused on your career.

Using the phone during a call

7 non-obvious things that people can judge about us

There is nothing more annoying than companion that constantly checks something in the phone. This creates the feeling that a man little interested in the conversation and his companion.
In addition, scientists from the American University in Elon found that the constant looking at the phone during a meeting does not completely concentrate on the conversation and understand his interlocutor.

Another study showed that people who are constantly checking email or updating pages in social networks, are emotionally unstable and subconsciously trying to cheer yourself up.