7 myths about food that harm your figure until today

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Date fruits – new sugar, and nonfat milk better than normal. Is it true or false?

Likestory.net decided to check out a few of the most common myths about certain dietary products.

Myth # 1. Eat a plate of pasta and pants will not converge

All diets and nutrition recommendations the pasta from processed wheat are banned, because they have a high glycemic index (a measure of the effects of the product on the sugar level in the blood). Eating these products, you very quickly get hungry again, although by themselves they are quite hearty and high in calories.

So, the noise about the pasta slightly exaggerated, their glycemic index is 50, the same with buckwheat, which is the basis of many diets. But gobbling pasta, do not forget that buckwheat contains nutrients – phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, etc. unfortunately, in conventional pasta a lot of impurities, they affect your weight, so choose a paste of raw wheat and eat at your pleasure.

7 myths about food that harm your figure until today

Myth # 2. Date fruits – new sugar

From all sides we hear that it is better to choose natural products and use what he gave us nature. Adherents just naturally offer to replace sugar with dates. When it comes to baking and cakes, of course it is better to choose the dates. Dried dates contain 68% of sugar, and cakes, which add regular sugar, of course – 100%. However, dates contain more sugar than the sweetest fruit.

Myth # 3. Salad – save for vegetarians

Western nutritionists literally obsessed with Kale – one of the varieties of lettuce. They claim it is more nutritious broccoli is the king of all diets and are healthier cabbage. It is believed that this salad is rich in antioxidants and other beneficial trace elements, and even reduces the risk of cancer. Well, it definitely contains a lot of vitamin K which supports bone health. And is inexpensive.

7 myths about food that harm your figure until today
Myth # 4. Coconut oil is healthier than any other

Coconut oil is really better suited for frying because it has a bunch of useful fats, which, when the assimilation of organisms are converted to ketone bodies, which are used then as a direct source of energy. And fat in the body is not delayed, and immediately splits!

Myth # 5. You can’t eat red meat

Now, many believe that red meat reduces life expectancy, and the body is suffering, trying to digest it. However, the beef – the true natural protein, rich in essential animal fats, vitamins and minerals. But there are real studies that demonstrate that the frequent consumption of red meat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

It is important to observe the Golden mean: choose fresh meat, avoid frying and alternate with other types of animal protein – seafood, poultry, etc.

7 myths about food that harm your figure until today

Myth # 6. Skim milk better than regular

A few years ago all the “fatty” foods demonized, but in fact any serious studies about the superiority of low-fat products over regular no. Besides, low fat foods, on the contrary, contribute to weight gain: the body does not get fat and signals the brain that it is hungry, and you pass.

Myth # 7. Sauerkraut has a positive effect on the immune system

It’s true. Cabbage retains all the beneficial properties and in pickled form, it contains fiber, vitamins C, K and b, nicotinic acid and mineral substances potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and others. But most importantly, it contains lactic acid, which helps to survive beneficial bacteria, and the body to resist diseases.

7 myths about food that harm your figure until today