7 moments when the phone can replace your boyfriend

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Why we are monogamous with their gadgets?

He is ready to answer any your question, to warn you that it’s cold and you to get dressed warmer, gently wakes you up in the morning and reminds you that it’s time for another batch of vitamins. Yes, you probably also noticed that this description is more suited to your mobile than the boyfriend, because lately this gadget has become much more caring compared to our halves.

Likestory.net made a list of 7 things the phone is doing much better than yours young man.

7 moments when the phone can replace your boyfriend

1. Unlike your young man, who now and then during the night trying to “steal” you have a blanket, or worse — to push out of bed, the phone is unlikely to bother you while you sleep (of course, if you forget to turn off the sound). And most importantly — in the morning you’ll Wake up favorite song, not the phrase “it’s your turn to cook Breakfast.”

2. Unlike men, who often comes home in a bad mood, the phone is always ready to cheer you up and to do something interesting, for example, a new game or photos in Instagram.

3. Let’s see the truth: the screen of your mobile is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see before going to sleep.

4. Mobile able to correct your mistakes so that not to hurt your feelings. Unfortunately, most men is the ability to control.

7 moments when the phone can replace your boyfriend

5. There are days when you especially don’t like myself, and a young man, unfortunately, not in a hurry to make a compliment, to somehow cheer you up. Favorite gadget is able to help even in such a difficult situation. How? Literally less than a minute. Take a picture and put on the “correct” filter that is able to emphasize all of your strengths and remove weaknesses. Beautiful selfie is a sure way to raise the “morale”.

6. If you want to be alone, simply turn off the sound, while the boyfriend have time to explain why you’re not in the mood and that the matter is not in it.

7 moments when the phone can replace your boyfriend

7. When your men are low on power, he becomes irritable, his urgent need to feed, and this means that you will have after a hard day at least half an hour to spend over the stove. The phone is simply attached to the charger.