7 habits of extraordinary people

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They possess a special magnetism, tell incredible stories and live an extraordinary life. What is in them that we haven’t discovered in yourself?

Each of you have a great personality. But your life was always interesting, do not forget about two things – never lose your curiosity and follow what tells you your heart” – this message gives us all the author of the international bestseller “Emotional intelligence 2.0” Travis Bradberry.


People are drawn to those who are passionate and not cold, who is not shy with his emotions, sincerely responds to events or sympathize with others. Often at work we are serious and self-absorbed in its entirety. However, there are those who, in any situation, attentive to others. They are genuinely interested in your life, and because they are interesting. These people are geniuses of communication.

But there are those who firmly chooses his own way, had no qualms that they will go on it first. These extraordinary people are unique. As Jane Goodall. At 26 years old she left England and went to Tanzania to study chimpanzees. She had dreamed about this since as a child gave her a toy monkey. Who of the girls would dare to take this step? Much of what we now know about apes, we owe it to Jane. Even the textbook the fact that they use sticks as a weapon was not known to her. The order of the British Empire, Legion of honor, France, international peace prize – that was then, and it they didn’t expect. Her passion was to explore, to discover new things.

7 habits of extraordinary people

Such people are easy to deny the old canons, they are original in everything, even in small things. Her biologists gave his subjects only numbers – it was thought that excessive emotionality is harmful to science. Jane gave all my chimps names: David and Goliath, old aunt Gigi, mother Flo and the kids… And since then it began to do very many scientists.


These extraordinary people love to share their discoveries with others. They don’t just tell, where have you been and what you saw. They share their joy and inspire us to change.

A few days ago I searched the Internet for how to learn to paint with watercolors, and found a site drawing teacher from California, who puts his lessons for preschoolers that refute the pedagogical canons “from simple to complex.” “Combine pastel, watercolor and tempera”. “To work in the style of Jason Pollock, we took a ball of yarn, dipped it in tempera and gave vent to their imagination…” “Today in Mexico, Dia del Muertos – Day of the dead, and we painted those whom to this day remember in the family.” Her imagination knows no bounds. Colorful houses and their reflection in the water. Night skyscrapers. Self-portraits – in the style of Pablo Picasso. No boring lesson. This blogger in followers of art teachers from around the world, and they (and I) look forward to new lessons.

“Stay true to yourself, and not what will make you important in someone’s eyes”


This interesting and unusual people have habits that do not fit into the norm. Nabokov liked to catch butterflies, though many see this as funny. Warren Buffett still lives in a modest house that was bought in 1958 for $ 31 500. And it does not care, he doesn’t look like the home of a billionaire. Especially as one of the richest people in the world are bequeathed after the death of all their money to give to charity.

7 habits of extraordinary people


For interesting people the world is full of possibilities. Whoever they were by profession, they always crave for new. For them life is like a precious jewel box, from which you can get all new and new treasures. And no matter what it is – to learn how to bake pies or to write in his old age is terrible, full of cliches and platitudes, a story about first love – but what a pleasure!

7 habits of extraordinary people


In a speech to the graduates of Stanford Oprah Winfrey once said, “Every right decision in my life I was doing when listening to your heart, your inner gut. And every wrong decision was a result of the fact that I listened to the voice of the ego. Stay true to yourself, and not what will make you important in someone’s eyes.”

7 habits of extraordinary people


There is nothing more boring than repeating somebody. A decent man does not go in the footsteps of others, Confucius said. “Ask yourself – does this path a heart?” – advised Carlos Castaneda. If there is, then, this way is good. One way makes you happy, and until you go through it, you are inseparable from him, and the other makes you curse life. One gives you power, and the other denies it.


They boldly step into the unknown. In the view of most of us newcomer is incompetent. Trying new things means to take risks, to fail, to look stupid. And nobody knows, than each time over this enterprise. The more interesting! As said Frederic Beigbeder: “a blank sheet of so many promises.”

7 habits of extraordinary people