Top 7 errors freelancers or how to become richer

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The Internet has considerably simplified our lives. And earn money is now possible even without leaving home. But something has become between you and success. gathered for you a selection of 7 of the most common errors that allow freelancers. Read and avoid them in the future!

1. Frivolous attitude to work

People often make the mistake of forgetting that remote work is work. And requires a corresponding relationship. Delimit hobby and work. Follow these tips and success will come to you:

1. Wake up in a timely manner.

2. Respect of working time. Meeting friends in free time.

3. Complete all assigned tasks on time.

2. The lack of working clothes

To work in your pajamas without getting out of bed, sounds attractive?

Wrong. It relaxes you and reduces efficiency.

3.  The lack of defined working hours

Getting any job first, think about how many hours a day you must allocate to its execution to the due date. After this install what hours its will be.  And do not deviate from the schedule! And will help you with this the alarm about the beginning and end of working time.

Top 7 errors freelancers or how to become richer

4. The lack of clear goals

All goals must kept not in the mind and on paper. Sit down and write all the goals for the near future and for the long-term. And ways to achieve them. Arrange everything on the shelves to speed up the process!

5. Incorrect allocation of time

Your chart should be allocated time for work and for family, friends, recreation. Ask your family not to disturb you during working hours. But don’t you work during the allotted family. Otherwise it will entail serious consequences!

Top 7 errors freelancers or how to become richer
6. Passivity

Don’t be passive. The uniqueness of remote work is that the Network is very strong competition. Going to sit idly by, there will always be people who will do faster and better. Bragging rights! Create your profile where you can display your work, this will increase your level and popularity among freelancers.

7. The absence of your own website

This is not the first necessity, but in the future it is worth to spend money and to get your own website if you have serious intentions on development of own business. By using the website you will be able to show clients a list of your services. In addition clients will be able to find you through a search engine. It significantly increase the number of customers.

And it’s not all the benefits of your own website!