6 universal Christmas gifts

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What surprises?

Although astrologers and suggest to meet the coming year of the Fire Rooster in the home, do not exclude the fact that to continue the holiday you want in the noisy company of close friends who to the question “What should I bring?” my answer is simple: “Nothing, we have everything”. But you will not go to visit with empty hands? To solve this problem once and for all Likestory.net made a list of the most versatile gifts for the New year.


Textbook instead of a bouquet of flowers the actual accessory to the main gift can be a Christmas wreath. For example, in the flower workshop RozaExpress you will be able to collect a nice piece from the Dutch fir, which will decorate with pine cones, stars made of coconut shell and cinnamon sticks for flavor. Moreover, in order to enjoy this miracle of floral art, it is sufficient to download the application RozaExpress — before sending, you will send a photo of your Christmas wreath.

6 universal Christmas gifts


The most versatile gift that does not lose its relevance even in the age of information technology and e-readers, gift albums and books. In this case you should pay attention to the books, in order to avoid the possibility to give a duplicate already in the collection. From the recently released special attention is paid to album art “Museums New York”, where you can find all the information about the main masterpieces of European and American art. Or album, released on the 150th anniversary of Léon Bakst, who will be a great gift for lovers of Russian art and theatre.

6 universal Christmas gifts

Another gift that will always be relevant — Christmas decorations. Especially if to consider that now many brands began to produce limited collections. Laduree, for example, decided to approach creatively to the issue and released a transparent Christmas balls with cult Japanese garbage pail kids Sony Angel, whose head is decorated with the legendary French patisserie desserts.

6 universal Christmas gifts


The days when went to visit with cakes of her own making – over. And it’s not even that cook was not fashionable, just time for it in the New year’s eve is usually sorely lacking. Fortunately, the increasingly popular services meal deliveries like Delivery Club. By the way, in the period from 29 December to 1 January inclusive when you use their service you will have the opportunity to obtain a discount of 25 per cent in the restaurants filter, “with promo code for a discount”. Do not forget to specify the “magic word” – Christmas. Moreover, it will act on any number of orders. What is not a reason to make a real gastronomic feast?

6 universal Christmas gifts


Alcohol, like a book at all times was considered a universal gift. However, the more advanced we become in this matter, the more nuances appear. So, today, etiquette to give the alcohol not all and not always, but there are situations where this gift is more than appropriate. Of course, we are talking about holidays like the New year, when to send a colleague or partner a good champagne or cognac is considered very graceful gesture. In addition, if you are going on holidays to visit friends, then do it better than champagne. Or cognac.

If you did not graduate from sommelier courses, you can rely on our choice in the end, the universal prescriptions of choice of good alcohol there. So, Ruinart Rosé exactly reconcile and glamorous girls, and experts. Perfectly balanced taste of this legendary drink gives a small amount of dark grapes called Pinot Noir and classic Chardonnay. The most striking Cuvee of the House of Ruiner dispensed in the original bottle, which in itself is luxury packaging.

6 universal Christmas gifts

More brutal variant of cognac, which should also be of the highest quality, if you don’t want to be trapped. The most elegant and relatively unknown option — one of the best-selling cognac house Martell. This brand is famous for the unique double distillation of wines without heavy sludge and aging in special oak barrels — hence the nobility of taste, and subtle nuances. It is believed that this cognac is perfect for not only men but also women due to its original softness. In addition, it is believed that Martell is particularly good in duet with truffle and other delicacies: boldly giving him not only knowing a lot about alcohol friends, but also gourmets who understand flavor combinations.

If you need a special, original gift for the stylish girl, then pay attention to the aperitif Lillet. Came from French wine Mecca of Bordeaux, it is very popular in the homeland and in our country it favored the most advanced lovers of good alcohol. Ingredients for cocktails Lillet diverse — from strawberry to cucumber.

And finally, wine. There is great room for maneuver. Only one of the classifications of wine, so many that choosing the right drink will take forever. However, in our opinion, the safest option is a classic Sauvignon Blanc. The flagship category is fairly considered as a famous brand Brancott estate is a leader in the production of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. It is a wine adored by industry professionals due to the fact that it wonderfully transformed and reveals unexpected flavors.


And since we are talking about the Christmas table, it is not superfluous to please the organizers of the party an extra set of dishes. A great coffee mugs can be found at the brand Nespresso. Moreover, you should pay special attention to the high mugs, which will be especially pleasant to drink lattes or Irish coffee. But those who is constantly “on the run” who rarely fails to take at least a few moments to be alone with his cappuccino, comfortable fit thermo.

6 universal Christmas gifts