6 ways to change your life to become better

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Heart requires change, and the mind can’t be resolved? You feel that as before can not be sure, but still not clear how will be new. Likestory.net made a list of things that need to be taken to change, to get out of the comfort zone and change your life.

1. Start with yourself

Yes, of course, everything is bad: unstable economic situation (although that may be more stable and harder than the bottom), false speech rotten officials on the evening news , a cooling dinner on the table and faded appearance, blind and deaf-the boss, and tomorrow more rain is forecast. In this situation it is difficult to find a good reason to force yourself to get up in the morning. Unfortunately, the man has so much unlimited power to control all the processes occurring in his life. Agree, we’re not worried about the law of gravity, although in part he is the cause of many of our downs (literally).

It follows from this simple conclusion: you can not change — do not complain, and if you can — go for it. Just accept the fact that you are the only person that can pull yourself out of any rut and choose a new course: from confusion to harmony. Want to improve your health, get active and make a choice in favor of healthy products. Want to improve your relationship with a loved one — try to openly talk about what is bothering you. Want to improve your financial situation start to improve in their own business and learn new skills. And already turn off the damn TV.

6 ways to change your life to become better

2. Don’t stop learning

Diploma of education appears in your life only twice: the first time is right after the gala, when you do a dozen photos with the coveted “crust” for close and distant relatives, periodically spilling champagne prom dress and the second time when you already got the job, you bring it together with a bunch of other documents to the personnel Department and safely forget about its existence.

Nobody argues: meet “on clothes” (blue or red), but still escorted by the mind. If you want to remain always in demand in a daily changing world, you need to speak the same language, so graduation does not mean that learning is over — on the contrary, all only begins. And if 30 years ago a search for new and relevant information was akin to treasure hunting, now it is only a question of desire. Remember: the development of oxygen to your success and cost only cease to improve, as you will immediately become uncompetitive and at the next turn you overtake more inquisitive colleagues.

6 ways to change your life to become better

3. Don’t go on about procrastination

Whatever you do, be it learning a foreign language or learning to play the guitar at the beginning of any business there comes a moment of crisis, when laziness begins to dominate over diminishing enthusiasm, and the idea that you will fail, more often glimpsed in the head. Of course, go on about the inner voice and to add to the list of unrealized life of the project a new item “on demand” is very simple, but you can try to find a compromise.

Decide for yourself that, for example, deal new another 28 days, after which give five reasons why you don’t want to continue. If the arguments against a significant, and in 28 days you have not been involved, so it’s time to look for a new hobby for the next four weeks. In any case, to expect that everything will go smoothly and you will effortlessly learn new skills, of course, a utopia. Do you think it’s interesting when it’s simple? Remember how learning to ride a bike — a few bruises and a couple scratches, but what a result. And that easy to do and not to do.

6 ways to change your life to become better

4. Take care of your health

How to enjoy the masterpieces of great artists in the art gallery, when a terrible stomachache? How to listen to and understand great music when you head hurts? How to read a new book when one day tired eyes refuse to focus on the lines? We can discuss lofty matters and baser needs, hoarse in the throat to argue about spiritual scrapie and material benefits (often within one conversation), but agree that it all ceases to have any value if you have a toothache.

To the full extent (and for as long as possible) to enjoy life, you need to focus your physical health no less attention than mental. It is better to be guided by pragmatic calculation that it is easier to prevent than to treat. It’s not even being Supersports, but rather to respect their own body. With respect to this case comes from love, and love has, in turn, implies selectivity. It is not only about nutrition but also about the fact that whenever the best of intentions you will be wearing heavy lifting or work until late at night, consider whether such heroism are possible consequences.

6 ways to change your life to become better

5. Develop good habits

Motivation is what encourages you to act, but a habit is something that helps not to throw started halfway. Success in any business depends largely on the habits that do not allow you to go the right path and streamlines the process of achieving the goal. For example, you start working day with perform the most difficult tasks. After it everything else will seem easy and will be done on the exhale.

But, unfortunately, to form a new habit is no easier than it then to get rid of, so be realistic: less is better. Move on to the next habit only after understand that the previous is securely embedded in the daily schedule and not require any effort.

6 ways to change your life to become better

6. Express your feelings

The fundamental purpose of any communication is not just to inform the other person information, and to telling her to be (and stay) clear. And preferably understood correctly. Your replica in almost any dialog are 20% of what you know and 80% how you feel about this knowledge.

Lacking the oratorical or artistic abilities (juggling does not count), you are more likely to be convincing and understood, if you speak from the heart, appealing to your own feelings and personal experience. And it is worth remembering that it establishes and develops thinking, so the larger your vocabulary, the more varied range of feelings that you can Express, and above your intellectual capacity, respectively, to listen to you even more interesting.

6 ways to change your life to become better