6 things that he will never tell you the truth

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What is often lying men.

Few have managed to formulate the problem lies more precisely and succinctly than Dr. house: lie still. Aphorism favorite TV-hero confirms the ruthless statistics: according to scientists, 60% of people unable to maintain the 10-minute dialogue, not lied at any time. Moreover, men, as revealed in the study, 2009, lie twice as often than women — both on serious topics and details. What they tend to lie more often?


It is believed that the deceit about age — a female prerogative, but no less trying to subtract (or add, depending on the situation) a couple of years. Moreover, psychologists say that men, in principle, the age thing worries stronger than women — no wonder the notorious “midlife crisis” accepted to talk with regard to men.

6 things that he will never tell you the truth


The hero is an American Comedy defines the formula lies about the number of sexual partners: a number, which refers to a woman, should be multiplied by four, and the figure which he calls man, divided by four. Indeed, men tend to dissemble, when it comes to their love Affairs — and all in order to look in our eyes, experienced and irresistibly macho.

6 things that he will never tell you the truth


Following the timeless stamp of “boys don’t cry”, men are rarely honest when it comes to their experiences and feelings — they really do not want to look in our eyes weak. For the same reason a man usually very difficult to persuade to visit a psychologist even if I feel sick at heart, the man is easier to get rid of a meaningless “everything is fine” than to share their emotions.


“Phone died”, “when”, “Stuck in traffic”, “I’m in a meeting” — translated each of these phrases is very simple: I don’t want to talk to you and want to know where they are. Statistics, incidentally, shows that this lie is the most common — but in fairness it should be noted that women resorted to it no less.


To lie when it comes to finances, men are inclined in different situations and for different reasons. Your partner more likely to be deceiving, telling the size of your income if you yourself are financially successful — not to look like the “left behind”. The usual boasting and lack of confidence can also become the reason lies in the money theme. But sometimes the opposite situation, when men deliberately understate the amount of his income or diplomatically away from talking about money, reasonably believing that the size of their earnings is their own business.

6 things that he will never tell you the truth


This includes phrases like: “No, honey, you’re no better!”, “Of course you look beautiful in that dress!”, “And don’t get upset — that’s a nice haircut!” Let’s be honest: as a rule, in such insincerity is to blame are themselves women. Once received from the beloved manly honest and direct answer and his scene with tears (“How can you say that I’m fat?!”), we once and for all block the man’s ability to answer such questions truthfully. If, instead of compliment you really want to hear an honest opinion of the chosen one — learn not to be offended by sincerity.