6 things to learn from the perfect pairs

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How to build a healthy relationship?

In what are the causes of unhappy marriages? According to psychologists, in the first place — that people have no good example to follow. In fact, unlike previous generations, who in most cases were raised in full families, young people today often growing with only one parent. The second factor is the imposition of the media is not quite the correct model of relations. To find out what is the secret to a good relationship Likestory.net decided to turn to the experience of perfect pairs and made a list of 6 things they do not like the others.


It turned out the socks before putting them in the wash and you are ready to accuse your man of all mortal sins? People in perfect relationships will never fight for such trifles. Moreover, if the pair have chemistry, you can always find a compromise in any situation. The main thing is never to get personal and not to say nasty things to the partner’s address. Besides, after a while you’ll be ashamed of said temper.


Even if your pair has been some cooling, and you most often go to higher tones, that is no reason to immediately throw their partner a sentence about what you walk away from him forever. And especially it is not necessary to announce all their “time costs” total friends. As you know, lovers ‘ tiffs are harmless. But the relationship to your man or to you from others after these situations can change for the worse.

6 things to learn from the perfect pairs


To say the phrase “I love you” everyone can. And what exactly are people investing in it is another matter. The people in the perfect relationship, know that love is only a small part of what they are willing to give to the partner, because there are still other important things such as tenderness, caring, willingness to take responsibility for your other half.


Who would like to be with someone who sees you only disadvantages? Experience the perfect couples shows that if you want to live in harmony with your partner, you must learn to accept him the way he is, with all the rough edges and weaknesses.

6 things to learn from the perfect pairs

Of course, when you quite a long time are close to you, conflict situations are unlikely to avoid. But even during the wrangling to try at least once to change the tone of the conversation and to convey their dissatisfaction by not sending in the address of the beloved curse. A calm dialogue and the ability to compromise — the key to a lasting happy relationship.


It does not matter whether you bet a common goal or participate in “personal offset”, it is always important to feel supported by a partner. So don’t forget to encourage your other half, even if you don’t quite understand the ultimate goal of the whole event.

6 things to learn from the perfect pairs