6 simple ways to move from words to action

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1. Angry

But not on someone, and, of course, not for themselves. Get mad at the situation. That anger will become vigorous momentum and will give the chance “to get off the couch”. Yes, let everything around you distract you from the beginning of the path to the target and you’re unhappy with you. But better not waste your energy on self-flagellation, and put it into action.

2. Remember that time goes

Irritate himself with thoughts that if you commencement a year ago, today you would get the result. If you start now, soon you will receive the first components of the final result. But if you start tomorrow, and then again “tomorrow”, so you run the risk of spending another year.

3. Thoughts

Admit that you have a hundred thousand times, pondered all the information necessary to start, but no action was never taken. From where you are now you will not see more. Therefore, start to move to get new information for thought.

6 simple ways to move from words to action

4. Get rid of words-parasites

“I can’t”, “I don’t know”, “I don’t know where to start,” “Do later” – all these excuses don’t carry any meaning. But I demonstrate your inability to get out of your comfort zone.

5. Stop trying to put on airs

“Now I have a lot of important things, so I’ll start when I finish them” – another tactic used in order to explain a delay in the start of the action. Answer the question: how important is the work that you do not begin to do?

6. Don’t wait for signs and signals

Lack of understanding of what the signal to start the action going on inside hinders you. Don’t wait for signs and “green light” you invented the traffic light – start action now, immediately after reading this article.