6 simple ways after the holidays to recover and start working again

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The holidays have passed, we caught everyday. Tell how to cope with after holiday depression.

All gifts, movies viewed, salads eaten. Sparklers gone, party is over, the planes landed. It is not surprising that the return to the forgotten 10 days of merriment to the usual rhythm is to put it mildly, not easy, after only one term to get up again every day in the darkness and crawling in rush hour on the job already brings almost physical pain. A set of sensations that one experiences in the first working week has been called by psychologists “after holiday depression” or “after holiday syndrome”. This state is characterized by the following features:

– Fatigue and anxiety are you nervous and can’t concentrate on anything.

– Lack of appetite or Vice versa — to strengthen.

– Apathy — you have a bad mood, you can cry for no apparent reason for this.

– Nostalgia — you are constantly reviewing the pictures and think back to some experiences over the break moments, trying to remember everything to the smallest detail.

– Lack of tone — you can’t bring yourself to switch off and go about their daily business.

– Anger — you are annoying your colleagues, people in public transport, queues at the store. You irritate everyone, and exasperated in principle, all that continues to exist in the former regime, as if nothing had happened.

6 simple ways after the holidays to recover and start working again

If you find these signs, then first exhale is absolutely fine. Just try to perceive their state not as a universal collapse, but as a natural need of the organism to adapt and to switch from one rhythm to another. After holiday depression usually lasts from two to five days, so the first week after work is a priori not the most pleasant and most productive. And the process of “return” to go less painful and traumatic, we have compiled this list:

1. Extend your vacation

No, this does not mean that the urgent need to take sick leave and all possible ways to try to delay the return to work. The holidays are, in fact, a state of mind, this mood. You can prolong this feeling, and not only extend, but also integrate it into their everyday life. If you spent the holidays in a long-awaited travels, absorbing the life and culture of another country, then try to somehow “revive” the experience. For example, instead of endlessly revise a million photos from the vacation, select the 20 most cool and make mood Board. Or try to remember what local dish do you like the most, find the recipe and cook yourself for dinner. And even cooler — arrange a theme party on the waves of your journey and call all your friends. So you not only have fun, and distract from the Intrusive thoughts of “there’s good, there is bad”, but you’ll also increase happy emotions that will be associated with the life after the trip.

6 simple ways after the holidays to recover and start working again

2. Analyze what you have gained from vacation

Unfamiliar environment requires new skills and solutions. So, traveling can open in us the qualities, the existence of which we never knew existed. For example, during travel due to the difference (huge difference) in exchange rates we do not just become more frugal, we are aware that can not do much, but some things we really just don’t need (no, it’s not about the dessert, although he is also not really needed). You understand that you can live more frugally and spend less, while the dear comfort from it does not suffer too much. And notice that the phone while traveling, you only needed to photograph and to look for information (city map, nearest café, as in Thai is “thank you”, where to buy coconut oil) — you sat for hours and watched the tape of Instagram and Facebook (Yes, you, in fact, was still out there that post your friends), you used the Internet to search for relevant data, and not in order to kill time. It would often think about this in everyday life. Plus travel, we often meet new friends who are at times quite different from our usual circle of friends. If you find in another country a person close to you in spirit, why not continue to chat with him after returning home, the benefit of modern technology allow it, besides language practice never hurts.

6 simple ways after the holidays to recover and start working again

3. Share your memories

And the question here is not so much about the retouched photos of the surf and your feet are on the background, how about a little travel notes. No need to write a fundamental work and to describe in detail each eaten a shrimp — it’s not interesting, but to recall the most interesting and bright moments — quite another matter. Make in the same Facebook album, download there no more 20 photos accompany each of the short, but succinct story. It’s such a visual diary of your trip, such virtual “holiday cards”. Only do not go too far and make sure that you have not written anything very personal — still need something to write for himself only.

6 simple ways after the holidays to recover and start working again

4. Share your experience

If the preparation for the trip a pleasure, you like to look for convenient flight options, cheap hostels, interesting places for walking, cozy cafes with local cuisine or unusual museums, then why don’t you share your knowledge with other travelers? Your experience is not just a source of memories, this information, and very, very useful. Sign up on popular forums and websites or join a similar group in social media and write your opinion about the trip. Consider the structure of your “review” should be the most informative and critical. So you will help many people not to make any mistakes or, on the contrary, not to miss something truly interesting.

6 simple ways after the holidays to recover and start working again

5. Start planning the next trip

The right way to deal with after holiday sadness is to begin to prepare for the next holiday. And this does not necessarily immediately rush to buy tickets and book Goodies, enough to pick a new destination. For example, if you’ve always wanted to go Hiking in the mountains, you can now begin to save money, trekking and to read various reviews to make your future journey as budget. With a goal in the future, in this you will be more frugal in their spending and before to buy something, twenty times will think, whether you need it.

6 simple ways after the holidays to recover and start working again

6. Analyze your own life

The first thing you usually want to do after the holidays, it quit. A similar desire is also quite natural, especially if you imagine that people prior to that 10 days did not thought about work. But if the thought of resignation to aggressively spinning in my head, and you feel almost physical disgust, performing the usual tasks and objectives, it’s time to think about. Maybe your vacation is sort of a Wake-up call: you had the opportunity for some time to step away from daily routine and to distance themselves from it, and now you look at your life and realize that it’s not at all what you would like to see. Maybe you are suffering not from “after holiday depression”, while knowing that in this everyday life you’re unhappy that she’s not for you? And while you are standing only at the start and haven’t dived into the work, you have the opportunity to change something. But remember — before you make a decision, give yourself time to think (at least five days), weigh the pros and cons, listen to yourself. Usually when a person takes the right decision for himself, he immediately becomes easier. Yes, you may expect difficulties and infamous exit from the “comfort zone”, but any journey is the exit from this zone. And because you love to travel.

6 simple ways after the holidays to recover and start working again