6 simple rules that must be followed in order not to get fat in the winter

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In the winter and want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket — preferably with a mug of hot chocolate — and not to leave the house? The pace is difficult not to gain weight. But the good news is that following a few simple rules, you have all the chances to keep a good form.

According to a study published in the New England journal of Medicine, the average American gains of 0.2% its own weight in November and about 0.4 percent in December. To reset the “extra” takes about five months (of course, if you train regularly and don’t overeat). The inhabitants of our country, these figures are not much different: during the long Christmas holidays, there is the risk score of 0.2—0.3% of body weight. Add to that weather conditions often prevents outdoor sessions, and weight gain will become more evident. But do not rush to give up — we will tell you what to do to stay slim all winter.

Add activity

Professional athletes train in the rain and snow, but if you are ready to run in fifteen degrees below zero frost, try to perform regular exercises at home or in the gym. Hours of training 4-5 times a week will help keep muscles in good tone and constantly burn calories. Tennis, basketball, swimming, dance classes or yoga — great for fans of cardio. In any case, you no longer have to think about how to get better.

6 simple rules that must be followed in order not to get fat in the winter

Split long training for a few short

A simple rule, which we more than once wrote: if you do not have time for a full workout, break it into several small parts — were engaged in 30 or even 15 minutes several times a day. Fitness experts agree: short workouts can be more effective than full, because they allow to keep your metabolism “routine” throughout the day.

Less likely to snack in the cafe

Lunch in a cafe or restaurant has an average of about 1 000-1 200 calories, so the easiest way to reduce the number of calories consumed — just do not do in places. Besides, eating at home, it is easier to calculate the calorie content of food and to avoid poisoning.

6 simple rules that must be followed in order not to get fat in the winter

Activate brown fat

Brown fat actively involved in the thermoregulation of the body, promoting the burning of calories. However, with age, its quantity decreases. How to make brown fat. Try to hold in the cold is not below 10-15 degrees for about an hour, for example, skiing or skating. So, you will additionally burn almost 200 calories.

Don’t refuse a celebratory dinner

Why deny yourself the pleasure when you can simply don’t overeat. In order not to succumb to the temptation to exceed the size of their portions, do not starve before dinner. If you will not experience severe hunger, you will be able to eat less food. Try to prefer protein dishes — they are well saturate the body.

6 simple rules that must be followed in order not to get fat in the winter

Count the calories

The issue of calorie counting is among the controversial. But, as multiple studies have shown that those who count calories, losing weight is almost two times faster than those who do not. It turns out that when you’re counting, you’re really honest with yourself: always get accurate information and are better able to track changes. However, if you do not strictly adhere to my plan (nutrition or exercise), don’t get upset because of every excess calories. Instead, focus on other things — try to change food habits, number of meals or begin to pay more attention to training. The main thing — do not get hung up on the numbers.

6 simple rules that must be followed in order not to get fat in the winter