6 simple rules how to find the man of your dreams

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Why do some women literally bathe in male attention, while others can sit for months on Dating sites, but never go to any real date? In answering this question, psychologists have found that all problems are only in our head. Not have to be a beauty model parameters to bring to mind members of the opposite sex. In order to find the man of your dreams, simply adhere to the six simple rules.


The model of relations between a man and a woman laid the girl in the family, and if you did see before my eyes isn’t a good example of their parents, the chance again and again to simulate the same painful situation, but in their relations increases. Try to let go of the past and forget old grievances. Every man is a certain experience that may not have made you happier, but certainly added to your wisdom.


Define set of qualities that should be possessed by the perfect man. For some it is a sense of humor, generosity and ability to go forward in conflict situations. And someone who likes men of athletic and dreams that he could cook worse than Jamie Oliver. Take care to present your future partner. If you like a certain type of appearance, it is not wrong to put the screen saver on your phone of your favorite actor or artist. Visualize your dreams often represent how you would like that you started to care or where could pass your perfect first date. The clearer you formulate your desire, the more likely the universe will respond to your request.
6 simple rules how to find the man of your dreams


Before you utter the phrase “I love you”, learn to say the word “I” — this approach to life really works, because people who do not respect their own individuality and consider themselves mediocre, unlikely to attract the attention of worthy men, able to build healthy relationships. Learn to accept yourself for who you are. And if even for a couple of extra pounds you have not yet obtained to do it, at least try to begin to deal with their own complexes and disadvantages. The flaws you see in yourself, most likely, are those only on your subjective opinion. Do not forget that each product will find its buyer. Many men, by the way, I think the feminine form is much more attractive than the figure of athletic build.


Imagine what a woman might be interested in the man of your dreams and just become her. If you want your future husband to be a top Manager of the oil company, while in your wardrobe no dresses, not to mention the high heels then count on the fact that the potential Prince on a white horse, saw you on the street, make out with the girl in a sports hoodie and hastily withdrawn in the tail hair, the woman of his dreams, is unlikely to have. Be objective: if you want to meet the perfect man, make it so that he couldn’t pass you.

6 simple rules how to find the man of your dreams


Cease to live “cancer-hermit” to get things that suggest the presence of a man in your life. For example, buy a pair of men’s Slippers and put them in the hallway — just in case. Or replace the narrow sofa to a double bed. All this will help to create the right energy around you. Allow yourself to think about that quite soon your life will appear the person will need all these things.


There is an interesting pattern — as soon as you let go of a particular situation in your life, it is solved by itself. And love is no exception. So stop looking for every attractive member of the opposite sex the same one with whom you can spend the rest of my life. Learn how to enjoy flirting and courtship, and once you do, trust me, the man of your dreams immediately loomed on the horizon.

6 simple rules how to find the man of your dreams