6 signs that you are a successful and self-sufficient person

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Check what is the picture of your world.

These basic principles — the basis of transurfing of reality, esoteric teachings, partially repeating the basic beliefs of Osho. See if you are strong and happy, comparing their settings and views with a perfect picture of the world’s most famous philosopher in the world. Before you 6 signs that your life is filled, and you are self — sufficient. According to these principles are those who at least once in life resorted to practices of self-development.

You are not afraid to be alone

You do not fear: you are single or married, you go to a restaurant or the company. Your life is in place: regardless of whether it corresponds to the social settings of the society or not. You are not afraid of loneliness:you are interested to do their business, to use the alone time to relax from the hustle and bustle and not even being in a relationship, you are sure that your personal life is fine — just now is the time for self-development and a pleasant freedom.

You can spend days doing nothing important and take it as a game

Who said to be one of the house — it’s a waste of time? For you it is a pleasant respite, restart, time to be alone with yourself, treat yourself, to feel, to really relax and ponder. You okay with me because you have personality.

6 signs that you are a successful and self-sufficient person
You like the place and time where you are now

The past is the past, and the future has not yet arrived. If you do not know how to let go of the past or forever waiting for some bright prospects, you’re missing an important point here and now, as true life happens only in the present. Exhale and try to realize how beautiful your life is.

Nobody, not even beloved people, can’t convince you to do what you want

You love it. But you yourself love more. And that’s fine. If you find something abhorrent, contrary to your nature, you don’t have to do this. Do only what you want, what your soul is responsive. Only such an approach is the key to obtaining the joy of life. At first it will be very difficult, but the fear to hurt others you will hurt yourself. Find a healthy balance between respect for the needs of others and their own needs. Never go against your nature – try to explain to others my position.

6 signs that you are a successful and self-sufficient person
You cease to frighten the lack of money, friends, loved ones and future

It’s hard. This — the ability to manage their consciousness at that level, who can master not all. It is important to understand that anxiety and depression will not change the situation will only aggravate it. But a positive and philosophical as time will allow any situation to come out victorious.

You are no longer afraid of losing money, friends, loved ones and the past

To be afraid means to be irrational to let into your life that it governs. The ability to let go of fears — the master key on the path to finding happiness. Remember: any fear makes no sense.