6 signs that you are an introvert

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We all love to dig in yourself. Nothing will help you to understand yourself as the definition of a psychological group. So who are you? Introvert or extrovert?

Likestory.net have selected for you 6 obvious signs of introverts. If they match, congratulations, you are an introvert! If not, then you are an extrovert. Let’s get started!

1. Not so willing to get close to people, but if someone still close, that person will forever remain in your heart.

2. You need at least a couple hours a day to be alone with his thoughts.

3. In the way you prefer to listen to music or just think about looking out the window than to communicate at this time with some companion.

4. Favorite your occupation to delve into themselves, to perform or just endlessly to understand the essence of being.

5. Personal to you it isn’t just a word, it is Holy.

6. You read to the end of this text and agree with all points.