6 short cartoons, which will appeal to even adults

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But when we were kids we loved to watch cartoons. Years passed, we grew up. But who said that cartoons can only be kids? When was the last time you watched a cartoon?

Likestory.net have selected for you 5 best short cartoons, which obviously will not leave you indifferent. Pleasant viewing!

One Man Band

The main character of this cartoon many of us should learn fortitude, perseverance and faith in yourself!

Day & Night

This story is about true friendship despite the fact that no matter how different you were.

Partly Cloudy

We are all a child asking their parents where babies come from. And we told the story that storks bring babies. What if it turns out to be true?

This story will show you a vivid example of true friendship no matter what!

The moon (La luna)

And you want to look at the moon and know how things are there? This story will give you the opportunity, in addition to the cartoons shows good family values.

Chicken or the Egg

It just so happens in nature that pigs love to eat. What if this pig suddenly fall in love? Falling in love is not the same as he is a pig and a chicken. Before it becomes a serious choice – the chicken or the egg? What will you choose pig, what do you think?


This funny story about a pet who was trying to show the master his love. How? He cooked a delicious omelet. Who knew that tastes in dogs differ slightly from the tastes of the people?
How long have you been doing something nice for your loved ones?