6 sensible tips on how not to get fat with age

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In student’s years we could have as many biscuits and snacking at night. But after 30 fascination with such things very quickly leads to the emergence of “rollers” hanging over the waistband of jeans. Of course, age is not the only reason why we gain weight. Very much affected by the change in lifestyle.

Likestory.net collected 6 working tips that will help you to keep your “student” weight. Here’s what you need to do to maintain a good level of metabolism regardless of age:

1. Eat apples, strawberries and onions

6 sensible tips on how not to get fat with age

Scientists from Harvard have found that to maintain a slim figure helps a food rich in flavonoids. They watched men and women older than 24 years and noted that those who every day included in your diet foods from the list below, maintain their weight or even gradually lose weight without making any extra effort.

Foods rich in flavonoids, which help to reduce weight:

– cranberry

– strawberry

– cherry

– red grapes

– blueberries

– green tea

– apples of red varieties

– onion

– leeks

– broccoli.

2. Be more active: walk, choose active leisure activities
6 sensible tips on how not to get fat with age

With age, the metabolism slows, so we are quietly but inexorably gain weight. To prevent excess weight chance, you need to stay active. It is not necessary to exhaust itself with trainings, if it gives you no joy (and if it for you, we are very happy!). Physical activity should become a part of life. For example, on weekends you can get out for a walk in the woods, in winter play in the snow, and in summer — Hiking to the lake.

By the way, scientists say they do not have to train long and hard. It turns out that three 15-minute workouts may replace one 45-minute. So leave the car a little further from the office and walk, climb to the upper floors by stairs, not the Elevator, you will be happy.

3. To give work to the brain

6 sensible tips on how not to get fat with age
Memory loss is a natural process, characteristic of the age. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. Activities that stress the brain — reading, learning languages, playing chess and other mind games that stimulate brain development, training the memory and concentration. And this in turn prevents stress and depression, increases life satisfaction, and thus allows us to lead an active life and stay in shape.

4. Send diet away

6 sensible tips on how not to get fat with age
Low calorie diet can permanently impair your metabolism. Nutritionists warn that in this case, the body is not getting enough calories and goes into “saving mode”. The body protects fat stores and instead to obtain the missing energy often uses muscle tissue. And it’s not in our interests.

Bad things happen: the amount of muscle tissue decreases, the metabolism slows down, and this situation may persist for a long time even after discontinuing the diet.

5. From time to time to pass medical tests and health exams

6 sensible tips on how not to get fat with age
Age brings unwanted health problems — for example, osteoporosis or high blood pressure. These diseases do not lead an active lifestyle and, therefore, lead to a weight problem. To recognize the signs of incipient diseases, it is necessary to periodically pass the basic tests and doctor’s visits.

Attention to your body triggers a positive “cycle of health” perfect health allows you to enjoy traveling, walking and training. And the more you move, the healthier you become.

6. And you need to start right now

6 sensible tips on how not to get fat with age
You probably caught yourself thinking: “Well, what will gaining those extra pounds, it’s the holidays. But then how to pick yourself up as soon lose weight!” Forget about it. It’s a vicious circle: inches around the waist are rising, the mood is spoiled, will melt. And still more want to eat chocolate.

Healthy habits should start to cultivate right now. The only way you in 10 years will be able to see in the mirror, my slim figure, which is proud of today.