6 secrets how to become a billionaire: step by step instructions

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A large part of the money is in the hands of billionaires and millionaires, why is this happening and how to change your life for the better. Robert Kiyosaki talks about the cashflow quadrant, but to succeed, you need to change radically. Change yourself and the world will change, we see the world as what we do. A person sees in another person himself.

We open 6 secrets that were repeatedly tested and has shown excellent results.

Secret № 1: Thoughts like a billionaire

6 secrets how to become a billionaire: step by step instructions

1. In order to get something, you need to get it in your mind. If you can’t imagine being a billionaire, you never become.

2. Fail to jump above your level of thinking.

3. Stop thinking like poor people. Impoverished thinking for the poor.

4. Think like a billionaire means to change your thinking. Changes will occur if you make a huge effort.

5. Billionaires do what brings them success, others – what they want to.

6. Billionaires like cleanliness and order in deeds and documents, at the workplace and at home.

7. Rich people read books and magazines, which can find information for business development and thinking.

8. Organize a workplace that inspires you to work.

Secret № 2: Find your ideal

6 secrets how to become a billionaire: step by step instructions

1. To become wealthy you must socialize with wealthy people. The simplest way to find the one that’s already made his billion, and to learn from him.

2. Responsibly choose billionaire. Dwell on the fact that has a lot to learn.

3. The main rule – the coach needs you and not you him.

4. If you happen to meet him, sit at his feet and catch his every word.

5. Choose a mentor in each field.

6. Read books, watch training great people.

Secret № 3: Remember the principles of life

1. Do unto others as you would like to be treated.

2. To succeed, you need to be who you want to be and to do what makes you happy.

3. You can’t beat a man, yet he will not accept defeat.

4. Defeat and failure are your best friends.

5. If you want something you never had, you must do something you never did.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

7. I want to be a billionaire, dress like a billionaire.

8. Not borrow money in debt to friends.

Secret № 4: Write your main dream and read it every day.

6 secrets how to become a billionaire: step by step instructions

1. A dream that began with what every billionaire.

2. Dream can come true, if every day making small steps in her direction.

3. The dream is to inspire and push you forward to its implementation.

4. The time will come and you have to choose either the risk or poverty, do not miss this opportunity to make the right choice.

5. Almost all billionaires before to earn their billions, ruined several times, it’s okay, the main thing is to get lessons and not to step on the same rake.

6. Do only what brings you closer to the dream.

Secret № 5: Focus

6 secrets how to become a billionaire: step by step instructions

1. Develop one direction, which gives you pleasure.

2. The cause of all ills – a lack of focus.

3. Every billionaire does something better than others.

4. You will stagnate until you focus.

5. Commit yourself to this activity, become an expert in this field.

6. Every day you have to choose, no one can judge you and this: to visit for your choice, the main thing that it swallowed you whole.

Secret № 6: Set the right goals

6 secrets how to become a billionaire: step by step instructions

1. Objective helps to go in the right direction.

2. Define goals daily.

3. Set priorities for various objectives (you need to do, endure until tomorrow).

4. Set goals for the year, month, week, day.

5. The goal should be realistic and achievable.

6. The goal must have a start and end time of its execution.

7. Write the goals in a prominent place.

8. Do not set too little goals, but don’t forget about paragraph 5.