6 Golden rules of life

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1. The Rule Of The Mirror

People around me — my mirrors. They reflect aspects of my own personality, often not perceived by me. For example, if someone is rude to me, then, I myself in the shower ready to get nasty. So offended no one.

2. The Selection Rule

I understand and realize that everything that happens in my life is the result of my own choice, based on my feelings and sensations. So no one to claim. The author’s own destiny myself.

6 Golden rules of life

3. The Rule Of Responsibility

I am ready to take responsibility for their choices and to abandon any self-justification — they are useless.

4. Rule Error

I realize the error of their opinions and judgments. Affection for the sense of rightness sooner or later leads to personal disaster. Who strongly believes in his image of the world, he does not see the real world.

5. The Matching Rule

I have exactly that, and exactly what I meet, no more, no less, whether it’s relationships, positions or money. So all my claims are meaningless. For when I change attitude — change and circumstances.

6 Golden rules of life

6. The rule of Presence – “Here and now”

There is no past because it is gone. There is no future because its not here yet. Attachment to the past leads to depression, a concern for the future breeds anxiety. As long as I live – I am immortal. There is a reason to rejoice.