6 rules that will lead you to financial prosperity

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Rule 1. Money is necessary to love, then they will answer you in return

Immediately draw your attention that greed is not the slightest relationship. The greedy person loves money and the fact of owning them. Money love flow, like money, to spend, and most importantly – enjoy this process!

Energy development goes where there is joy and pleasure, remember this.
In fact, this is such an important point that we will return to it quite often on many occasions. The more we rejoice, the more they come nearer to the Divine light forces, namely to the creative forces of the Universe.

6 rules that will lead you to financial prosperity

Rule 2. The need to spend money and get happy!

The science of attracting money start small. Great always starts small, so don’t be embarrassed, please, what the scale of your new financial life yet. Turn the process the most trivial purchase of milk or bread in celebration. Pay in the supermarket with a breadth worthy of a Rothschild.
Always feel confident when your hands are in the bills (its value is not important). How many times I had to see how people are careless about money, or trying to quickly hide, frantically pushing the banknotes into the wallet, not caring about the fact that they can be dented.

6 rules that will lead you to financial prosperity
Rule 3. Program yourself only for a happy and abundant life

Man sometimes it is very hard to make the first step. “Yes, that’s easy for you to say, but me with my problems…” – I often hear in response to their fervent pleas. Perhaps the person does not want to accept the fact that he is solely responsible for their financial situation. So I do not want that it is easier to live in the old way, clinging to outdated dogma, but because they are so comfortable that to come out into the light of God there is no desire.

6 rules that will lead you to financial prosperity

Rule 4. Start right now to program yourself for a new life

The results will amaze you. It is particularly interesting to meet with skeptics after a long period of time. I can see in their head begins to be thought that, perhaps, not so hopelessly stupid was me talking about the New consciousness, the consciousness of a Positive, Creative Thoughts that change reality when they see how well my life changed and the lives of my colleagues and associates for the best. And they, the skeptics, usually either nothing changes or changes for the worse.

6 rules that will lead you to financial prosperity

Rule 5. If you change your beliefs, change your quality of life

Do what you tell you new beliefs. On this subject, written so many books, I just wonder why people don’t use everywhere these wonderful knowledge. No need to be a wizard in a pointy hat with stars, to change the direction on which runs a part of your life.

6 rules that will lead you to financial prosperity

Rule 6. Start the change with yourself

Talk to any loser, and he will quickly and clearly lists all the reasons for his tribulations as a pioneer. What is there not in this list, from government to karma, and terrible neighbors to failed marriage. Blame someone else, but not him. Remember the basic rule of psychology of abundance. Always, in any age, in any day and in any country you can start a New life. Your possibilities are unlimited. The most important thing is your decision.

6 rules that will lead you to financial prosperity