6 major myths about love

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Likestory.net dispels the illusion that stand in the way of each to personal happiness.

What is love? As it arises in the human soul? Why is she dying? How is it that objects of love are often not the ones who deserve it the most, and just those, it would seem that love is impossible? And not for nothing. By and large, comprehensive answers to these questions so far, although love itself accompanies mankind throughout its existence. And not may perhaps be the answers. Because, like it or not, love the concept of the irrational. So try to analyze what initially cannot be analyzed, a thankless task. It can only describe. Than for centuries engaged in the art. But, watching the feelings of fictional characters of books and movies, we sometimes simply sad sigh, saying, this is the power of the senses! That’s love! And so, year after year, step by step, forming in their minds a false idea of love, it is cluttered with myths, which subsequently start its destructive work, getting us to build relationships in real life. And she (real life) and the people with whom it brings us, often has little in common with the subjects of artistic works. So it’s time to debunk all these illusions which huge logs lying on all of us to personal happiness.

The first myth: the lovers can’t be apart of the mysteries

6 major myths about love

That has meant that lovers should tell each other everything. Why??? Who invented it?

That psychologists say: “as much as we dreamed about the merger of two loving souls, which many perceive as the highest point of the development of relations, people still remain their little secret. While there are things on a subconscious level, remain a mystery even to the man himself. To such things, for example, include very unpleasant memories, which may include sexual harassment, difficult relationships with relatives and so on. So not necessarily during love to tell my whole story. We must clearly realize that the sharp love is temporary, that sooner or later will be held. A secret to share if necessary, and then only with the person with whom you have already linked your life. Important point: this exchange of information was mutual. The exchange of such “compromising” themselves creates a feeling of intimacy, commitment and trust between people. But this is not a required element in the relationship. In the end, sometimes the extra knowledge for you in the past, in the soul of a loved person can give germs of doubt, anxiety and suspicion. All this, as we understand it, is not worth the show to give out about yourself too much information. That, they say, as I’m an honest/straight with you! All good to know measure.

The second myth: love can change any man

6 major myths about love
The formation of any average person in General is completed by 5-year age, so it is useless to chase a Mirage unattainable ideal, not noticing a real person. Although, of course, no one can deny that sometimes love changes us for the better. When one is in love, he tries to show his positive qualities, including attention to others, ability to care and be responsible. But even this is not always meets the expectations of the partner.

The opinion of the psychologist: “the Trouble is that most women in relationships don’t know what they themselves are from men and from relationships you want. Rather, they often want all at once. But the same does not happen. Any relationship develop gradually. Therefore, during the rapprochement between the two people is something that can be interpreted as a deterioration of nature. Because women are often waiting for the manifestation of the beauty of foreign manners, chivalry, reverence. But eventually it all goes away and remains the essence of trust and need each other. Many perceive these changes as a deterioration of relations. But in this case you need not a relationship, and the performance shows. But if the show ends, it remains a disappointment. And this attitude to love is a manifestation of immaturity.

Myth three: perfect couples don’t think about the breakup

6 major myths about love
The truth is that almost all couples at different stages of the relationship one way or another about the breakup I think. Someone casual, someone almost seriously considers the possibility. Because as much as we might wish, there are no ideal couples are unions of two people, each of which has its own problems, fears and doubts.

“Any couple is faced with a crisis in the relationship. This may be a crisis of mutual recognition, which usually occurs in the first year, the crisis of the extended family that comes with the birth of a child. It can also be crisis average (males) or menopausal (women) age. Many people, even with a permanent partner, often ready for a new search. If growing dissatisfaction with a relationship, and might have thought to look for happiness somewhere else. And often in this situation, both to blame. Every couple has troubles and conflicts. Often there is not only an idea to leave, that’s nothing; sometimes I want to hit partner on the head, kill and strangle! And these feelings are not necessarily to keep, they just need to be able to Express a socially acceptable way. Sometimes you just need the heart to row, to let off steam. Those couples who have frequent emotional aggravation, feel more comfortable than those who casts himself from the desire to scream — this frustration only increases. There is a feeling of resentment, new client, the unsayable. And periodic clashes there is nothing bad”, — experts say.

Myth four: the lovers are always ready to engage with each other love

6 major myths about love
Even the youngest and most passionate lovers there are days when they don’t want sex. Any relationship are constantly changing, and with time, life, care, or fatigue may push the sex.

That’s what sexologists say: “Love increases sexual sensation, but this does not mean that sexual life of couples should be in sport mode. How, when, and how often to have lovemaking — it should always be dealt with within pairs, without regard to any rules or someone else’s opinion. Sex does not have to be violent. If your feelings are strong, and so he will sensually rich. And in relation to energy and everything else there is no criterion. It all depends on the Constitution, age, experience. Over time, each couple develops their own style, and they find the way that both are satisfied”.

The fifth myth: to really love a person can not put an eye on someone else

6 major myths about love
Every day one meets a lot of interesting and attractive people, and how he builds relationships with them, of course, in many ways and is an indicator of his feelings. But in any case, you can not go to extremes. Of course, if the interest in the new person results in sexual intimacy, that is something to think about both. But harmless Hobbies and flirtation only to incite passion and love in the pair.

Expert opinion: “both men And women being polygamous. To change, maybe even those who loves. When a person falls in love, he is at the peak of the senses, from which it becomes emotionally more receptive. Including and sensitive. Spontaneous disagreement can lead to any sharp words, until the phrase “I don’t love you!”. Man it can hurt, and hurt male pride is a powerful starter mechanism to its owner in some situations very difficult to control. Yes, after the fact, changed on this powerful emotional man, of course, will torment the conscience. Often it happens that such stories, the man clearly understands how much he is bound to his beloved. But this is it after the fact. And in the heat of the moment any man makes everything to lose control of himself and to a right to compensation.

Myth six: predictability kills love

6 major myths about love
Knowledge of your partner, that is, from and to, with all its habits, preferences and eccentricities, on the one hand, is very soothing and inspires a feeling of intimacy, and on the other makes the relationship boring and predictable.

The ability to surprise in the first phase of relationship when they just born, very happy lovers. Especially when suddenly the same thoughts, feelings, desires. But with the development of relations I want to have some stability. Simply put, we need to know what to expect from Toko who are close to us. Here, the unpredictability of a partner often starts just damn annoying. This, by the way, many marriages begin to crumble and then fall apart. Here it runs along the following logic: (s) he knows what I/expect from her, but acts on its own! To deny this logic in the arguments, to put it mildly, uneasy. Therefore, it is necessary to be able, first, to prioritize, to decide what is more important to you – the relationship or to always present the element of surprise. And secondly, it is necessary initially to negotiate with a partner about what each of you meant by predictability. Because of the unpredictability of the unpredictability of strife.