6 Future Skills for every business lady

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The world is changing so fast that profession become obsolete, failing to appear. What skills should a person have to not be on the side of life? And where are these skills taught? Likestory.net knows the answers.

As important in today’s world, the willingness to change and ability to catch a new wave.

The word “stability” has a negative connotation. Stable means no development , leads to delays.

It is no secret that due to political and economic realities of modern Ukrainians do not believe in the future, even afraid of him. One of the instincts of self-preservation from insects to freeze and play dead if they feel that danger is imminent. In contrast, the person needs not only to survive but to grow, self-actualize, to find their personal life balance. The more that science and technology are not just going in and rushing forward, radically changing labor market: some professions disappear, others appear. How to live in a world where your knowledge and experience today and tomorrow can be claimed? Only to take responsibility for themselves and practice skills that will help catch the wave and even famously you drive it towards new horizons.

6 Future Skills for every business lady

Permanent upgrade of knowledge

Most importantly, what we are not taught in school — the ability to learn. Do not memorize the data, because in one second Google gives any information. Unconditional perception of information from the teacher, too, has faded into the background: a single source of knowledge is not sufficient. The ability to learn means how, where and in what format we can get the necessary information at the moment. Those who have mastered this skill, easily find the right information and are critical to process — and this is a step to ensure a quick retrain, switch to new areas.

Work with information

Over time, the amount of information around is only going to grow, that’s why today the necessary skill to work competently with it. That is, able to quickly assess a useful resource or not, look for primary sources, compare and analyze them to choose a strong to understand which experts to turn to for advice.


On a remote work or freelance many are faced with the problem of self-discipline: you can’t go to bed on time and as a consequence — to get up in the morning, it pulls to the fridge, the social network delay, and other relatives who know that you sit at home (that is, a priori doing nothing), and can come at any time with important issues. Here it is necessary to understand the conditions under which you as effective as possible, and stick to them. Work from home better than the old pajamas, and the clothes in which you’ll always be ready to go to a meeting. You can invite friends to work together in the same space, to put a lock on alerts from social networking, to calculate the time spent on one task.

6 Future Skills for every business lady

Daily your attention seeking to seize a lot of people, so calculate it in monetary terms. Don’t want to lose money? Learn to control your attention. To be ready for new challenges, it is important to master the skill of participant observation. Actually doing trend watcher — learn about global trends (analyzing impact of new technologies, watch people, their reactions to various difficulties, find opinion leaders, communicate with them and gather all input in one puzzle.

Quick adaptation

But this work is worth nothing without the skill of adaptation. Stability is a word that in modern world it is painted in a negative connotation. Steadily means constantly, without development, that is, leads to delays. To change and to respond flexibly to adapt to the circumstances, reinforcing their positions, rapidly prototype the solution, and run it — that’s the behavior that will allow you to catch a wave after you noticed her. Outside your comfort zone disappear formulaic ideas and ready methods, and the brain begins to openly perceive and analyze information.

6 Future Skills for every business lady


New often is born at the intersection of different professions, genres and cultures. That’s why another important skill — the ability to cooperate, to work in partnership, that is, to listen, to negotiate, to find points of intersection and to manage group discussions. In our country, communication problems exist at all levels — from communication neighbors to search for common trends in political party. Social network, news of which is formed depending on our preferences, likes, urban space that is increasingly fragmented — all this aggravates the situation, isolating groups of people from one another and creating even more barriers. The ability to hear and to look at the situation from opposite positions are training in the “Theatre for dialogue”, where you can imagine yourself in the place of different parties to the conflict. The essence of playback theatre is that the audience tell stories and actors immediately improvise, developing them. To build partnerships difficult, so openness to cooperation can be a strong side, thanks to which you will pass many pitfalls in the development of new depths.

Everything changes, the professions, knowledge, and technologies become obsolete, but forming new skills and expanding boundaries of experience, we will be able to catch the right wave and may even be on its crest.