6 female features, to whom can not resist neither man

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How to become attractive to men?

Why do women that is far from universally accepted standards of beauty, often enjoy much more success with men than women of model appearance? According to scientists, this is due to the fact that really young people are much more likely to pay attention not to the thinness or the length of the legs, and most other things. Likestory.net has compiled a list of six of female beauty, people can not stand no man.


Some time ago scientists found that representatives of a strong half of mankind can’t resist women with rounded hips and a narrow waist. It is therefore not surprising that Kim Kardashian is so wildly popular among men. Although it should be noted that an ideal ratio in this case is 7:10. By the way, due to the fact that, subconsciously, young people primarily perceive any woman as a potential mother of their future children, and women with wide hips, as you know, it is much easier to produce a baby.

6 female features, to whom can not resist neither man


When men hear something close to ultrasound, even without seeing the interviewee, they begin to imagine a slender young woman in the Prime of life. And no matter how many actually years his companion and what she physical form: during a conversation in his head all different will be relayed image of 18 year old nymph.


Beautiful, well-groomed, and better — more long hair to attract a man no less beautiful body. Logic is about the same as in step one: hair the strong half of humanity determines how your body is healthy to carry his future heir.

6 female features, to whom can not resist neither man


Want to have your release was not from fans? Then smile a bit more. On the one hand, this way you can conciliate others. On the other — do not forget that good teeth is another sign that you can give him healthy children.


If you are looking for the man of your dreams, it does not mean that you should immediately go to the heavy artillery and put on the face full “war paint”. It is not strange, but according to statistics, young people are more likely to pay attention to girls that hardly use makeup in your everyday makeup.


Red color is associated in men with lust, it is not surprising that women in red dresses are so popular among representatives of a strong half of mankind. Moreover, scientists have proven that this law works in the animal world. So if you are going to an important party where you want to attract the attention of one of the guests did not hesitate to choose a dress the color of passion.

6 female features, to whom can not resist neither man