6 candid thoughts about friendship and growing up

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Likestory.net use article the poet and philosopher David Whyte on how the inevitable disappointment, and friendship help us to grow up and become stronger.

  1. Friendship is a reflection of our presence in the life and testimony of forgiveness. Friendship not only helps us to see ourselves through the eyes of another — she can stand only with those who again and again forgives us our wrongs, just as we find the strength in turn to forgive friends.

    A true friend knows our difficulties and our Shadow and remains close to — and often when we are vulnerable and show weakness than when we are experiencing success and are under the power of the strange illusion, don’t need friends.

    Deep within true friendship is a blessing because we can access it in the original shape again and again, through understanding and compassion. No matter how lasting a friendship, it is based on constant mutual forgiveness. Without tolerance and compassion, the friendship dies.

  2. Over the years a close friendship always finds the dark side in the other person, as well as for ourselves. To stay friends, we need to know the other, its difficulties and even sins, and to awaken in him the best — not attacking with criticism, and addressing the best in him, to the main creative dimension of his personality, thus invisibly eroding that understates it, makes it less generous, does not give to be yourself.
  3. The highest measure of friendship is not improvement in yourself or others, the highest measure — to be a witness. The privilege to open under the loving gaze of friends and the same privilege of being honored to see the most intimate close friends to go with them through life and to believe in them, sometimes just to accompany them, even for a short time, the journey that no one can accomplish alone.
    6 candid thoughts about friendship and growing up
  4. It is impossible to protect yourself from disappointment, sadness, grief. Broken heart — the natural result of our love and care for someone or about something over which we have no control… the First crack on the heart occurs when we are asked to let go, and we are not, in other words, the frustration and sadness dwell in us, dyed and increase, as under a magnifying glass, every single day; broken heart not a short — term phenomenon, this is the way to go forced everyone, even the ordinary, average person.

    Broken heart is a sign of our sincerity, in love, in work, in an attempt to master a musical instrument, in an attempt to become more generous. Broken heart — perfect helpless part of love, its essence and emblem.

  5. The way you grow is through a broken heart; and nevertheless we say “broken heart” as though it means only that something went wrong: love is not reciprocal, the shattered dream.

    But maybe a broken heart is the core of our human existence, the main thing on the way out on the other side, thanks to him we learn to love what you meet along the way. There is almost no road available to man, which not would lead to a broken heart.

  6. Realizing their inevitable nature, we can look at disappointment and grief through different eyes: not as the end of the road or the death of hope, and what a hug that we always wanted or lose.

    Heartbreak asks us not to look the other way because no other way. It calls us to what we love and have always loved, asks the inevitable and often a great question.

    Broken heart — the things and people that have been with us since the beginning, asking us to be ready when the time comes to let go the last time.