5 simple ways to invest in yourself

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Investing in yourself, according to Warren Buffett, is something that needs to play. In this case, each of us a little investor. We have gathered tips on how to learn to invest money and time in myself, and told why this is important.

Charlie Munger is the Vice-President of the Corporation of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway once said:

Warren Buffett has become a much better investor since the day I met him. As well as I do. The secret of this is that you need to study 24/7 and not think that success will come by itself.

5 simple ways to invest in yourself

Warren Buffett has repeatedly appeared on the pages of Lifehacker. This elderly and extremely rich investor knows how to speak phrases that you want to remember. The desire to listen to the advice of Buffett, no matter how extravagant they may be, does not seem strange to us. After all, one of the richest people on the planet can’t advise anything bad.

If not to carp at words, we can say that the way it is. Those tips Buffett, which do not relate to investment and Finance, are characterized by simplicity and utility. It is difficult to argue, as everything he says, you already know, but from the lips of this man, everything sounds more significant.

The most valuable asset you have is yourself. Everything that improves your talents and skills, it is necessary to do that.

Warren Buffett

In this regard, the question arises: how to invest in yourself? Ways to do this a lot, and we decided to concentrate only on those that lie on the surface, but also those that, on first glance, not seem obvious.

5 simple ways to invest in yourself

1. Create a study plan

For a long time I used the app Weekly for the execution of the plan for each day. In my daily list was meditation, half hour lectures on Coursera, record something new in a notebook and reading. Of course, your routine I knew by heart, but the app is forced to act even when it is not wanted.

A training plan is what you need to do in the first place. Decide what skills you want to develop, how to do it best and how much time should I allocate daily.

2. Surround yourself with more intelligent and successful people

Because of this, you sometimes will feel bad, because we are always uncomfortable when someone from the inner circle has achieved more than we do. In the long run it will pay off. The experience of others will provide the opportunity to develop even when you’re seemingly just talking.

5 simple ways to invest in yourself

3. Improve communication skills

To learn something new is possible from three sources: their own experience of working with information and other people’s experiences. Accordingly, in order to converse with successful people and learn from their experience, you need something to offer in return.

At least, it should be good communication skills. The interlocutor must be a pleasure to communicate with you. Your profession is not important — everyone should be able to competently and interesting to talk to.

4. Don’t be afraid to spend money

Recently, the reluctance of people to invest in your own education is beginning to wane. We are increasingly aware of the importance of courses, seminars and trips that can enhance professional skills. Buffett, for example, advises to invest 10% of their income in private education. What it is: courses, books or business trip — you decide.

5 simple ways to invest in yourself

5. Grow not only professionally

I know how to do it when work takes up most of the day. But here’s a little secret:

Finding interesting activities, you magically will be able to find time for it every day.
You may have to sleep for an hour less. Perhaps not to spend the lunch break and leave early. But if you find something that you like, will appear, even if before it was not.