5 ways how to force yourself to run wild in the cold

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Work on running technique

Training for speed in the winter, be quite traumatic, so Jogging at this time of year is a great opportunity to work on technique and endurance. But in the summer it is already possible to pay attention to the speed.

Find out your weaknesses

Winter is cold, colds, viruses, fatty foods (which is so hungry in the winter), that is the time of year when the body is in extreme conditions. However, such conditions allow to identify weaknesses on which to work.

5 ways how to force yourself to run wild in the cold

Running as a way to spend more time on the street

Autumn and winter people often just get moved from room to room, thus minimize the time spent in the fresh air. Fearing freezing to death and trying to maximize comfort, we deprive ourselves of one of the most important and necessary resources for healthy living — fresh air. So Jogging in winter perfectly compensate the lack of long walks.

The pros are looking for in everything, even in the winter

One of the main advantages of our a long winter — the fact that people have more time to get in shape, for example, for the summer. Two months to radically change your body impossible, but to gain a few pounds of muscle mass or to pull the body and get rid of all the excess for the whole of  winter.

5 ways how to force yourself to run wild in the cold

Running in the winter will help to reach a new level in the summer

Adverse weather conditions forced to concentrate more on running technique and be ready to withstand the elements — wind, snow, puddles. After one of the winter sports season to run in summer will be much easier. And Jogging in bad weather you will be proudly remembered as another passed the test. So running in the winter — another way to test yourself and significantly improve your athletic performance.