5 tips for those who want to be cool parents

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Did you know that to be interesting for their children easily. Just remember a few simple rules.

At first, the education of the child parents associated only with a closed circle of dirty diapers and sleepless nights. Later, when toddlers begin to walk, they never for a moment can not be left unattended. Then comes the high school period, but it does not bring relief: parents continue to worry about children’s behavior in the classroom and their communication with peers at recess. Despite the fact that unbridled joy does not emanate from any of the above items, you should remind yourself, the child’s education is directly related to how family members spend time together. In this selection — tips to help moms and dads become a little giddy and have fun with their children from the heart.

Do not wrap themselves

One of the ways to kill a good parent is to doubt the fact, whether you’re a good parent. You can’t play, so don’t blame yourself, you have to work or do something around the house. “To get along with children does not mean to have them with me 24 hours a day. We live in the real world where everyone has a job and home duties that must be performed, it is normal and you should not feel guilty about it,” says LIAT Hughes Joshi, author of the manual “New old-fashioned parenting”. — It’s not about how much time you spend with children, and how you do it, quality over quantity”.

5 tips for those who want to be cool parentsOne of the ways to kill a good parent is to doubt the fact, whether you’re a good parent

Make time in your schedule

Remembering that quality is more important than quantity, select the required family holiday, make it a special time. Let it be at least a little, but it is absolutely a family period of time when the child is not interrupted with phone calls or dishwashing. It must be time for the game. “Sometimes, one hour of games, conversations and constant attention and is valued by children more than three hours spent in trying to combine a conversation with a child and checking e-mail, say, or think about something of his,” explains LIAT.

Communicate on equal terms

Kids love to watch grownups get to their level. In the literal sense of the word. So lower yourself into the squat, if the child plays on the floor. Climb on the bed and try to keep a balance, if the child is already there, and jumps, as if on a trampoline. Whatever the essence of the game, it is important that you have joined it, not stood on the sidelines as a supervisor. “To give my child all the attention means to stand at the gate when your child is going to score a goal, to squirm, to roll the dice when it’s time to play “Snakes and ladders”, stretch your fingers, if the hour has come for sculpting figures from dough,” explains the teacher — expert, Dr Claire Halsey, author of “Play with your child every day.”

Be on the same level as children and psychologically. Do nonsense, at least sometimes. Dance, sing, hug, favourite DVDs, play hide and seek. The list of options is endless. Choose any main thing is that it has helped you at least temporarily leave behind their own inertia. “Children’s idea of fun may not coincide with our parent, but if, in spite of this, there is an element of the game, the parent must demonstrate a willingness to join. Feel free to have fun together, and in the eyes of a child you are the best parent in the world,” says Dr. Halsey.

5 tips for those who want to be cool parentsTo be a fun parent is not so tedious if you regularly take some time. Do not forget to recharge your batteries

Think of yourself

Of course, being a good parent is not always easy. If you are tired at work or endured a sleepless night, you may not want to participate in a playful fight with a three year old athlete or a superhero. Over time you will realize that to be a fun parent is not so tedious if you regularly take some time, ” says Dr. Halsey. “Don’t forget to recharge your batteries. Make sure that your schedule has time for time-outs like get-togethers with friends, sports, Hobbies, time alone with your partner. Such time-outs will improve your mood and you with new forces will undertake the role of patient and fun parent.”

Stay at the height

To drive into the paint a 6-year-old child, you will have a good try. However, his 12-year-old sister is totally much less calm. In other words, the older children still want to play with you, but maybe too shy to do it with outsiders or use old games. “Remember the line that separates childhood from adolescence. If you act with a boy of ten as “a good parent to a toddler”, student may not like it, and will backfire,” warns LIAT. Just pay attention to signals that say that the child is uncomfortable, it is especially important to remember this when you are alone. What is usually and you and him seem ridiculous, it may look like utter crap.”