5 steps towards execution of the ambitious plans

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1. To act in small steps

Don’t try to change yourself in one fell swoop. Achieve small victories, but regularly.

2. Keep them out of sight seducers

Let in the refrigerator will be a minimum of food, but very healthy, and in a folder with fresh torrents — only new books.

5 steps towards execution of the ambitious plans

3. Place the stimulators

The benefits will be, even from such simple things as the poster with James bond (sample a strong-willed person) or Golden hundred Forbes (Russian Forbes publishes list of Russian billionaires on a separate piece of cardboard). They will ask you the right context.

4. Proceed without delay

If you woke up early and climbed into the computer to select the music for morning exercise, do not hesitate too long. Instead of charging you can get stuck on Facebook for forty minutes.

5 steps towards execution of the ambitious plans

5. Find a way to structure yourself

Figure out how to force myself to get up early. Entry to training in a fitness club or a promise to ride in the morning, Cycling in the Park will help only for a while. Sooner or later you will find the reason for the absence. Find an occupation that puts you at the mercy of other people. Something what you can’t neglect.