5 steps to self-awareness: How to define a profession that is most suitable

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This question absolutely everything. And not just for the student or school, but in Mature age, when it seems that all built so far career is heading in an unknown direction. If such thoughts firmly entrenched in your head, let’s figure out what to do with it.

The choice of the professional “I” – this is still a task of high complexity. Some of us consciously refuse her decisions, believing that bread specialty better search calling. But if you decided to get to the truth and understand what you want, try to apply some useful life hacks.

5 steps to self-awareness: How to define a profession that is most suitable

Take a test

Sites with tests that can help you to solve the mystery and figure out who you want to be actually, a great many. It remains only to choose the appropriate questionnaire, and you can get several at once! Don’t take everything too close to heart. Appeared on the screen, the result will not save you from doubt in a split second, but need thoughts exactly encourage.

Look back

…and try to remember who you wanted to become in the childhood dreamed to do. Most likely, your list of preferences was quite high, and the first place winner was constantly changing, but the main desire you will be able to play.

5 steps to self-awareness: How to define a profession that is most suitable

The solution is under your nose

If a brief digression to childhood nothing is given, it may be wise to look in the present? Think about their Hobbies and their potential application to the future profession. If you’re good at drawing, and know how to create a variety of compositions, it is quite possible that somewhere in the world right now is sad one employer who needs a good designer, and you will be able to help.

Business question

You did not come up with the idea that a profession is not, not because of a good option has not yet turned up, but because somewhere inside you lives a budding entrepreneur? Imagine how you are going to work on my own business, write business plans, negotiate with suppliers and to find customers. Something clicked inside? Yes? Then here it is, the solution you’ve been looking for. Go for it!

5 steps to self-awareness: How to define a profession that is most suitable

In practice

Career and occupation are two topics to think which can be virtually infinite. If you never try what you think, you never know what you can find or lose. No, you do not should quit their job and immediately start looking for a new profession: everything can be done in parallel. For example, try to work as a freelancer and have a couple of orders as a freelance journalist. If you like, you can try to look for a permanent place in the office. Or ask your boss to give you the original assignment from a completely different area to try their hand. In extreme cases, agree to substitute a colleague from the PR Department and try to determine in practice whether the marketing is what you need. The desire to change and to stepping forward, and the options there.