The 5 most-most of the seas on the planet

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The world celebrates the Day of the sea, and decided to collect sea-Champions.

September 29 marks world Maritime day, which once again calls attention to the problems of environmental pollution. Only in the last 100 years the number of such fish as tuna, cod, Marlin were caught at 90 percent. We decided to find out what unusual have the sea on our planet – at least one of them should visit!

The most beautiful

For many years, different ratings around the world have recognized the most beautiful in the world of the Caribbean sea. It and is clear – white beaches, tall palm trees and blue water: what else do you need? These shores decades considered one of the most luxurious, here are the most expensive resorts, the service which is considered to be the highest. Fans of the movie this area is known primarily because of thieves, who took a series of movies “pirates of the Caribbean”.

The 5 most-most of the seas on the planet

There is the most beautiful sea in the Western part of the Atlantic ocean, right between South and Central America. The Caribbean sea in the South shares borders with Panama, Venezuela and Colombia to the West – with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and the Yucatan Peninsula. The area of this water handsome 2754 square kilometer, which puts it in sixth place in the sea area in the world.

The deep

Philippine sea – also stunningly beautiful. And yet it is the deepest in the world. The average depth is 4108 meters and the deepest point is located at a distance of about 11 thousand meters from the surface. Is the sea in the Pacific ocean, it scattered the Philippine archipelago, where a thriving fishing and whaling. Here are some of the infinity resorts in the world, where people come for fresh seafood and relaxing stay.

The 5 most-most of the seas on the planet

The smallest

The dead sea is the smallest: it has a total length of 67 kilometers and a width of 18 kilometers. The maximum depth of the sea is 377 meters. Sea is known for its properties to keep everything on the surface – even human. Importantly, the salt water did not get into the eyes, otherwise it will be very unpleasant. Oh, and this sea is the cleanest, since beside him there is no production, and due to the large salt content of the fish is also not seen.

The 5 most-most of the seas on the planet

Many believe that the Dead sea is still the lake. Well, in this case, the first place in the list goes to the small Marmara sea, whose length of 280 kilometers and a width of 80. In addition, it is the sea and the most dangerous: according to statistics, over 700 years there have been more than 300 concussions and more than 40 tsunamis.

The salt

For the right to be called the salt from the Dead sea fights Red: at its bottom there are huge deposits of salt. In one liter of water contains 41 grams of salt. This is why anyone who bathes in it, may observe the formation of white Deposit on the leotard or on the skin. It can be scraped off and some salt. And the Red sea – the warmest water is warmed up to 32 degrees. The sea washes the shores of the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Ethiopia and Egypt.

The 5 most-most of the seas on the planet

The coldest

That’s where certainly do not want to swim, so it is in the East Siberian sea, which is part of the Arctic ocean. Almost all the time the sea is covered with ice, and its temperature is only 2 degrees, but sometimes in the summer it can go up to 7. Is the sea between the Novosibirsk Islands and Wrangel island, and its area – 944 600 kilometers.

The 5 most-most of the seas on the planet