5 rules of Feng Shui: professional success and a raise

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How to establish a workflow and fly up the corporate ladder, not leaving the apartment.


It is North part of your home, according to Chinese teachings, is responsible for career success and the employment process. Like any other strategically important sector, it needs to contain in order to circulating here Qi “not dusty”, “not stumble” on the corners and “get stuck” in the stacks of unsorted papers. For example creative people who often make themselves “wall of inspiration”, it is in this area it is best to post photos of people whose success and energy you admire. Another option is to hang on to the North map of the world.


We are not talking about themselves, household Pets, and the mascots, which help in the profession. In ancient Chinese culture for wealth and career ambitions meet such characters as three-legged toad, Phoenix, dragon and turtle. The word “tortilla” guarantees the support needed and influential people. It is best if it is made of glass. But with regard to images or figures of the feathered is a well — known amulet from gossip.

5 rules of Feng Shui: professional success and a raise


From the point of view of the Chinese sages to interfere with professional take-off may the usual ladder: if it is located exactly in front of the entrance door, almost banging into her. According to legend, it interferes with the workflow. To block this a bad sign, it is desirable to place near the threshold of the round rug.

Among the prohibited — frail, thin plants located in the Northern sector. They don’t belong here. But the spiny cactus, oddly enough, on the contrary, the Orientalists refer to a strong professional characters.


Eastern philosophers have always given particular force of the water. So if you want to improve your work or get a raise, use this element for their own benefit. You can approach the issue literally placed here, for example a vase with water, or figuratively, using the appropriate symbols: shades of blue, prints in the form of waves, pictures/photos from the ponds (but not waterfalls!), glass drops. Aerobatics — aquarium with eight goldfish.

5 rules of Feng Shui: professional success and a raise


The teachings of Feng Shui is creating a feeling of space, which is difficult to imagine without the right flavors. According to experts, to affect the material condition and to obtain additional cash bonus, with notes of mint, sage, citrus, and lemongrass. They promise prosperity.