5 reasons to try AntiGravity Fitness

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AntiGravity is not yoga is not fitness, pure and simple. It’s much better. Is that this summer we suggest to try for anyone who wants to acquire a toned body, good health and a lot of vivid impressions for the year ahead.

— Antigravity-fitness-training is needed in order to pull the spine align posture, strengthen muscles, develop flexibility and coordination. Exercises are performed in all planes, partly in air and partly off. Antigravity recommended for all fitness levels, regardless of age, gender and physique. The classroom uses the unique equipment — a silk hammock that can withstand weight up to 500 kilograms. Therefore, all training is completely safe. Currently there are eight programs of antigravity: yoga, Pilates, stretch, etc. But hallmark certainly is the decompression coup — upside down, by which we straighten the spine without any impact on him. Attending classes of antigravity, you will get a healthy, toned body and lots of positive emotions. And every time you will achieve new heights, – says Victoria Kresevic, certified AntiGravity instructor.

1. Antigravity develops flexibility and strength

5 reasons to try AntiGravity FitnessPerforming exercises on a hammock, you move more freely, defying the laws of gravity. Due to this harmful removed the load from the muscles and bones, strengthens core muscles, increases flexibility, especially of the spine and shoulders, and the body is stretched much deeper. At the same time, such training develops stamina, strength and of course balance. And balance not only the body but also the soul.

2. Antigravity relieves back pain

5 reasons to try AntiGravity FitnessThe fact that you can freely hanging in the air upside down, allows the spine to stretch out and relax. In the process of exercise on the hammock tension on the spinal cord and the hip goes. So, the back pain will diminish and then disappear altogether. And you are feeling much better.

3. Antigravity elevates mood and relieves stress

5 reasons to try AntiGravity FitnessAntigravity helps to restore the nervous system, clear the mind from unnecessary and Intrusive thoughts, relieve stress and tune into a more relaxed wave. Antigravity a good option for the end of the working day. Classes will allow you to escape for a while from all the worries, responsibilities, and time alone with him. In addition, these exercises release these “happy hormones” like serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine — all of them are responsible for great mood and good spirits. And life is really divided into before and after antigravity.

4. Antigravity is working the whole body

5 reasons to try AntiGravity FitnessTraining of antigravity pass in such a way that every part of the body, every major muscle group is included in the work. And this is one of the main advantages of antigravity. To stabilize your body on the hammock during the classes and correctly perform exercises, you have to use more muscles there to strain. In the end, muscles and joints are strengthened, the whole body comes to tone and tightened. In General, some pluses. After all, no wonder Gwyneth Paltrow, Mariah Carey and other stars are so fond of antigravity.

5. Antigravity improves digestion and prevents heart diseases

5 reasons to try AntiGravity FitnessAntigravity improves performance of many systems: respiratory, nervous, endocrine, etc. Various types of stretches and exercises will result in the order and the digestive system. Such classes are particularly effective in disorders of the stomach. In addition, antigravity a positive effect on blood circulation, thus slows down the aging process and its consequences. And regulating the circulatory and lymphatic system, reduces the development of cardiovascular disease.

5 reasons to try AntiGravity Fitness
6 tips for those who first time go for antigravity

1. wear only comfortable clothes that will not restrict movement;
2. do barefoot;
3. do not eat a heavy meal before exercise — your body needs to ease. But the water is not necessary to forget — it will provide you with energy;
4. do not apply hand cream before exercise — palms simply will slide on the canvas;
5. remove jewelry and accessories before class — you will constantly cling them over the hammock. And it will interfere with the productive activity;
6. don’t go to workout alone. After all, to learn with friends something new is much more interesting.

Where you can enjoy antigravity

5 reasons to try AntiGravity FitnessOne has to learn to take your feet off the ground for the benefit of the body in “Fitness on the roof,” the summer project company Fitness Holding. Fresh air, beautiful views, professional trainers — there is everything for the first UPS, memorable and effective trainings.