5 reasons why men are afraid of single women

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“Smart, beautiful, excellent hostess, a great friend! And where only men watching?” A familiar situation? And really, why often beautiful in every way a woman men do not notice in an emphasis? And if notice, it is bypassed. What’s wrong with her?

Most likely, it in General, everything is fine. I wonder exactly why men are more often ready to repel the woman opponent, than to think about a normal relationship from scratch with someone who to them is already ready. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that here men have their own logic. And even if this seem strange, for fear they have several reasons.

“Strong woman crying at the window”

The first lies in the fact that in most cases, alone is strong women. And that by his power they scare many possible contenders to take the vacant place of the beloved. After all this running horse-shoeing, and in a burning hut make repairs, and he will be no friend and life partner and eternal rival, who constantly have to prove their superiority. Or at least a point. Not to mention the fact that it can suppress your power – men, like women, are different. And most of the male rivals are. So I see no reason to voluntarily let them into your life.

5 reasons why men are afraid of single women
A woman with a rich past

The second reason for the reluctance of men to enter into a relationship with a woman for a long time, goes through life alone, is that men understand: she already has a rich (and often negative) experience with a strong half of mankind. Therefore, unconsciously (and sometimes consciously) it will vent all accumulated in my life who will dare to try to prove that he’s different. But often all the attempts of breaking on enduring female “All men are the same! And you’re just like everyone else!” Even if it were true, men really want to think differently.

5 reasons why men are afraid of single women

Only wedding, only hardcore

The determination of a single woman (especially if she’s not 20 years old) in family creation, the birth of children and other well – established attributes of female well-being- another reason why men are very cautious in joining with her in any relationship. Not that men without exception are confident that a good job not be called marriage, but that’s become a means to achieve this goal, many of them do not want.

For many, this may be the opening, but men, too, being more than human. Though not like women, but still. And many of them also dream about love. Just afraid to seem ridiculous or weak, carefully hide it.

5 reasons why men are afraid of single women
All good – disassembled

Another reason for the reluctance of men to enter into a relationship with a single woman even some representatives of a strong half of mankind may seem absurd, but let’s not jump to conclusions. The fact that some consider it humiliating to “pick up” what did not want to take the other.

The logic here is this: “If a woman alone, so she is not popular with the men. And I have, red? Useless, then, and I don’t!” Weird? Possible. But let’s not forget that a man feels complete when with him one hundred percent woman, which all admire. So it increases their self-esteem. And how can increase, if next to you who nobody admires. Hence, he is so-so. In General, this position also has quite the right to existence.5 reasons why men are afraid of single women

Worked up an appetite

The last point is sexual. It can cause great resentment and remarks from the audience like “yeah, what is he after that man?”. Replica, admittedly, quite reasonable, but we’re not trying to cure anyone, but just to find out why, right? So, get ready!

First, bypassing the single woman, some men are afraid corny in bed to lose face in the dirt. Yes! Here is how they reason: “How long have you been in port came ships? Year? Two? Three? She’s such an appetite! Where can I get so much?”. From the outside it looks really funny, but if he’s not a sexy giant (and according to statistics, most men around have an average temperament and, consequently, sexual appetite), his unwillingness to participate (and especially, God forbid, to lose!) in a love marathon, at least, can understand.

And secondly, a single woman, in the opinion of some men, excessively relaxed: open flirts, makes too bold hints, wears too revealing clothes. “Of course, nice when it all just for you, — say the representatives of the stronger sex, — but after marriage she may not leave “bad” habits, and, therefore, will be available for all. Well, for some. But not only for me.” And that’s something no self-respecting man never to accept can not.