5 men’s mistakes in the beginning of the relationship

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What not to do the mens in the honeymoon period, tells Likestory.net.

Needless to say platitudes from the category “Everyone is different. Women are people too. So they, too, are different, so can not please everyone”? I guess it’s too much. What Russian well, the German death. And yet, I will try to systematize and analyze the main mistakes that usually lead to many failures with women.

So there you go!

Mistake 1: Playing the “good guy”

Come quickly remember the classic line from perky hit “Disco Crash”: “Women like scum, only they leave healthy offspring”. Do not relax, now we have to recall at least half a dozen truly beautiful, stunning women who gave their heart to the nice-guy. Well? Remember? I don’t. Because it is in the wild jungle of human is extremely rare. And in each case it is necessary to look at what, how and why. But the Golden rule has already been given above in the form of quotes from songs, working in the vast majority of cases. And the thing is that women do not base your selection on how you’re a “good” (read: sweet, funny etc). They choose those men from whom come the inner power and strength. Why? We discuss here definitely will not. It should simply be accepted as an objective reality. And just not to beat a “good guy”. All this can be achieved, it is feedback like: he’s so glorious! This wonderful. But the soul to it lies. What am I some scoundrels like?

Illogical? Of course, illogical. In any case, from the standpoint of man’s logic. But wait! What’s the logic? This and all. Let’s move on.

5 men's mistakes in the beginning of the relationship

Error 2: Trying to convince myself to love

What makes most men, when any woman in their courtship responds with coldness and indifference? In fact, it is that trying to convince her to treat herself differently. That is, try to earn her love.

First the bad news is that the love to earn it is impossible in principle. She is evil, love and goat. And excellent in all respects guy will sublimate extreme sports. And the second bad news is that it is impossible to become attractive to women if you’re not attracted to. Tautology? Of course, a tautology. But clear. To conquer, to take by assault or a long siege – all this monkey work. Yes, everyone has heard the old … “it is easier to give up than to explain why I don’t want to.” If this situation is satisfied, then, as they say, and the cards. If you want normal, mutual feelings (or at least reciprocal emotions), then to get involved in this rigmarole is not perfect.

There are so many beautiful women! Why the need for all this circus? Something to think about, I think.

5 men's mistakes in the beginning of the relationship

Mistake 3: Waiting approval

In their eagerness to please any Mademoiselle (or Madame), many men sometimes “swim for the buoys”. Now, the buoys, though invisible, and are made to them did not sail. And violating these boundaries do so at their own risk. Now, the man is not waiting for approval or permission from women! As if she him no was pretty. And no matter how harsh or even arrogant at first glance it may seem that assertion, but a man from a cloud in trousers distinguishes it is the inner confidence that he knows everything, knows everything and does everything right. Moreover, it is irrelevant to the pompous windbag, who thinks he’s a nobody. Of course, it is impossible to know everything, to know everything and never make mistakes. Sane man is also aware. But he reserves the right to make a mistake. Because confident. And how any to fix the error. That is why it is not checked against the reaction of women, as with the roadmap, and just rushing to the goal. This, by the way, in the eyes of his lady, points earning much more. In any case, a lot more than every time going to do something, waiting for her “blessings.” Women such men enrage.

Here, by the way, can be attributed to another error: when a man takes any woman’s whim. No, she, of course, it will flatter. What’s more, it are likely to be it from him to accept. Only here the result, which he the man most likely to be seen. I say this with a probability of 90 percent. Even at 95. The remaining crumbs left on the cases, which are among the “all”. For example, if the woman I was carrying on normal men. Or if she grew up in a family with a domineering or stingy (as in finances, love, and attention to the girl) father. And so on. In General, it is not necessary to creep. Want proof? They are easy to obtain “first hand” enough to talk on this subject with any pretty girl. Familiar or unfamiliar, does not matter. This is a topic which many women are willing to say a lot. In General, love/desire is necessary, and here to creep – in any case. The maximum that it will, it will be what it was before bed. And, most importantly, to blame her would be impossible. He himself made. Yes, and blame the woman it’s, you know…

5 men's mistakes in the beginning of the relationship

Mistake 4: Trying to “buy”

Does this sound familiar? Well, at least once in life, almost every man has used expensive gifts or restaurants to break down women’s defenses. So, one of my friends caught my blank stare and a dumb question after I in his refrigerator and found surprised of hunger the mouse hopelessly made a helpless gesture: I supposedly “eat” money stupidly is not enough. “What fired that?” ask. “No, just like one. And it is every time I see gives me to understand that he wants somewhere to “sit.” Selects and, more importantly, such places where I imagine even a bottle of water would be ordered only in the case if it were the last water on Earth.”

And most interesting is that she never awarded the prize. I think no need to explain what I mean. Although, it doesn’t matter. Even if she “said to him” once or twice, it is, by and large, the overall picture has not changed.

Surely everyone has a similar story when he took her to expensive restaurants, buying expensive gifts and flowers, but in the end remain with the nose. And she went to someone who didn’t do even half of this. If you do not own this story, heard from friends, colleagues, acquaintances are sure. So what’s the deal? Yes, actually, same, as already mentioned above: well, not like you, and all here! She may even be glad to reciprocate, but the heart wants what it wants. And the fact that the gifts received – well, the weaker sex. ideally, of course, don’t have, but as has been said hilarious billionaire of Comedy “In a jazz only girls”, nobody’s perfect. In General, ought not men to blame. And, moreover, to shift the blame from their own blame.

5 men's mistakes in the beginning of the relationship

Error 5: Too soon to show your feelings

If that is really feelings, and not, sparkle love hormone. Now, with this rush to anything. We can always do that.

Still heard about the number of amorous adventures, “the sun of Russian poetry”? Walker he was, of course, of the highest class. And then waving some evidence even somehow indecent. So just another fact that must be taken on faith. Much of the evidence will not be found. With skillful use of ignore – the greatest tool of seduction. If not me, then Pushkin at least should believe in the word.