5 levels of female consciousness

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Level 1: BODY

At this level a woman primarily concerned with her appearance. Thoughts focused on how she looks like wearing it younger or older women around. The weight issue of the body and the desire to look worse than others is the most important.

Such obsession with your body leads to, from which the woman unknowingly runs and the fear – she does everything to please others, and it is rejected. It makes itself on the court as family and friends, and complete strangers. And gets in response to unreasonable expectations and disappointment — a man goes to a younger lover, a friend shows off a fashionable coat…

When a sufficient level of Finance, a woman relies on her looks as the main value in the relationship. In the case of limited conditions, a woman is tormented and jealous well-groomed and wealthy women… the Body becomes dominant and the point of life.

Nobody argues that appearance is important for every woman. But if in addition to the body of the woman a little interested, it talks about stopping development. If time, money, all thoughts are directed only on the body, the pursuit of happiness is not in store, the beauty salon, which often do not help. And then the woman is faced with an impossible task – how to be happy, if you’re not as young, beautiful or you do not have expensive and stylish clothes? A woman is set up to receive, but to give not ready.

5 levels of female consciousness


At this level the woman already knows like don’t dress themselves, they do not try to save the youth through various procedures, there is a thing more important is HEALTH. Therefore, a woman focuses on how to maintain vigor and energy. And the purpose of the same sports and massage at this level is not only to preserve the figure to look sexy, but also give yourself the joy, to prove to his care and attention.

Women who think of their life energy, I understand that Smoking is not just ugly and harmful. They know what beautiful eyes is not an expensive mascara, and gloss and health energy.

The happiness a woman will look for in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whether it be a fitness club, tennis court, conversations with friends about healthy lifestyle, yoga.

At this level women quit Smoking. Seen, if a woman stopped Smoking, the level of its energy is significantly increased.

But the feminine is not only her health, but harmony in all areas of her life, for example in relationships with men..

5 levels of female consciousness


The level of intelligence directs the woman to educate themselves. Reading books and learning always something new, she begins to understand that there are laws that operate in this world. She realizes how important it is to develop and explore the secrets of relationships.

A woman begins to realize that obtaining something required depend on our willingness to give and share.

At this stage the woman often attends a lot of seminars, trainings, she wants to find the answer to the questions that come to her daily. She understands that the secret of beauty, harmony and health need to look within yourself.

With all of this active intelligence gives the answer to the main question: how to be happy. The woman goes to another seminar, buy another book, and the correct selection can not do. She can give great advice to others but she can not solve their problems.

The active level of the mind does not realize that a lot of information is useless without her living and passing through itself. And the fact that the mind can sometimes give completely wrong answers that the soul craves.

Search for happiness, this woman is using conviction, “I know how to,” and activity in the outside world. She vigorously seeks what she needs…

5 levels of female consciousness


This level opens to a woman in the way of Wisdom.

WISDOM is given to the woman since birth. Every woman by nature wise. This energy gives her the Earth. Only here will it be able to use it is another question…

At this level, a woman, having passed the 3rd level of the active intellect, begins to turn knowledge into practice. And away from the eternal hustle, and the race for the result. She begins to feel the taste of life. And relishes every moment. She realizes that a lot — not so good. She learns to hear the voice of your soul.

At this level, the woman calmly accepts the authority of teachers and the success of those who have progressed further than she is. It goes at its own pace and has the ability to listen and to change. She knows how to listen man, not trying to change it.

The woman understands that our whole life is a school. And happiness is something that comes from within-from our own soul. The external world gives us the pleasure and opportunity.

5 levels of female consciousness

Level 5: BLISS

This level of Great Women. Example — Mother Teresa and all the Saints. These Women come to Serve and help other people..

5 levels of female consciousness