Five lessons from people who are not afraid of change

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Today, the story will be about a family that come-true all my dreams. This pair started experimental called “let’s live where you like and do what you believe.” Three years ago, they boarded a plane to Paris – Moscow with a one way ticket. They had no money. We had quite a good stable job. But we decided to exchange stability in life, their dreams. Roma My husband always wanted to be a cook in a French restaurant. We started a big change in life. Now we will tell you about the results and share the main lessons of great change.

Lesson 1
Do you think things will get better after 30 years? – No! The best time to start is now and not to wait for the right moment.

Five lessons from people who are not afraid of change

When you will be thirty years, you will have many worries. Family, home, children, stability. You’ll get used to it and it will be very difficult to get out of comfort zone to follow your dream. People ask me how to overcome fear? But it is useless! Fears and worries – it’s fine, you just need to take them and do what is necessary!

Lesson 2
The dream will seem impossible! But it is important to do just the first step!

Five lessons from people who are not afraid of change

Make even the smallest step! But that would mean that you crossed the line from past to future. In our case, there was a letter to a culinary Academy to learn from the best chefs. It was our first step. We immediately started looking for an apartment in Paris, find out more information about the documents. You may not see the whole plan of action, but you don’t have to! It’s like a game to see the whole map, you just need to start step by step to move forward.

Lesson 3
Your eyes must burn from your dreams.

Five lessons from people who are not afraid of change

My husband is Roma, his eyes are burning from working on his new career. He is actively involved in business and holds many popular events. Cooperates with French partners. You chlorate ahead of its competitors who simply perform the duties, if you will do the work with passion. In this state, you cling to any opportunity, you’re going to the best seminars and you don’t care that you don’t have money for a nice dinner.

Lesson 4
The lack of money quickly will help to act!

We often had bad days, but after days like this you temper your spirit. When you hit bottom. Now you have a solid surface to push off and jump up. If you have in your pocket fifteen cents, it’s better than if you have fifty thousand dollars. These circumstances force you to act faster. At the start nobody will give guarantees for a happy ending! But you have to work on your dream!

Lesson 5
All that was before was not in vain. Even when you think that it is a full start from scratch, this is not a complete start from scratch.

Five lessons from people who are not afraid of change

If you think that starting a new business, your new goal from scratch. You are greatly mistaken. You also have a many years of experience. Even if your new area is quite different, you will be surprised how your knowledge of the past help to achieve new goals. Don’t be discouraged and you will succeed!