5 exercises for the development of 5 important qualities in a woman

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A woman is like a diamond necklace consists of hundreds of facets, thousands glare. But there are a few feminine qualities that help us to live in harmony with yourself and the world, to achieve your goals feminine, to protect their borders, to be rear for the family.

These qualities in each of us, but often they are hidden under a pile of problems, blocks, fears, and patterns. Let’s put things in order in his field, perform these exercises and will once again Shine the precious glow of true femininity.

1. The Quality Of “Purposefulness”

Dedication is our commitment to the great purposes and our ability to focus on what we want. Are you ready to move towards its goal, despite the obstacles and mistakes, falling and rising again. Commitment feminine is to allow the universe to give the best opportunities and the best solutions.

To develop this quality, perform the following task. Take a piece of paper, in the upper right corner, draw the image of his goal, and in the bottom left draw themselves. Connect yourself and the purpose of different lines. It can be straight line or wavy. It doesn’t matter: the line can be arbitrary. They show different ways of achieving the goal. Look at this picture and think: how else can you reach your goal? what line speaks the most? What you feel about it? Let you have different possibilities!

5 exercises for the development of 5 important qualities in a woman

2. The Quality Of “Acceptance”

It’s the true feminine quality which helps to accept what is happening with wisdom and understanding. Not resisting what is happening, allowing everything to pass through us, without the destruction and tension.

To develop acceptance, try to fix the situation that you are upset, hurt or angry. Write this situation, ask yourself the question: “what is best?”. Think about what was this situation? Anything positive she brought to your life?

3. The Quality Of “Softness”

It’s almost a lost feminine quality, which manifests itself in the warmth and tenderness, tact and delicacy. When you connect with this quality, you wrap anyone around you, with gentleness and love. In this field of love begins to open up not only your potential, but also everyone around you. When softness becomes part of your nature, then you impossible to hurt, to destroy or break.

To develop a quality of softness, try during the week, coming into a room, to stay at least for a moment, and imagine how your hearts are waves of love. Directing these waves out, say to yourself: “All the best for others.” Then absorb these waves back with the words: “All the best — for me.” Watch how it changes your life.

5 exercises for the development of 5 important qualities in a woman

4. The Quality “Calm”

This state of absolute harmony with each other. When nothing can offend, annoy. You are so connected to yourself that there is no fussiness, scandals, anger and haste. In any situation you remain calm, even if outwardly you can Express emotions.

To earn a state of calm, try during the week every day to dedicate yourself 10 minutes. During this time you (outdoors or indoors) become tight stops on the surface and imagine how the center stop are the roots in the very depths of the planet, rooting and grounding you. You can put in this moment, the hands on the solar plexus and take a few deep breaths. Feel how calm you become. Watch for them.

5. Quality “Assurance”

This state of calm understanding. It is the knowledge that can cope with everything, everything can be overcome. When a woman is confident, she is ready to take responsibility for everything that happens in her life. For your choices, for your decisions. When you have the right to what you need, when you feel vindicated and ready to go to the end.

If you are going to meet with the chief (a representative of the administration, “heavy”), try to do this practice. Entering into the room, grasp his right hand on the door handle and take a step with your right foot, saying to myself “my job right.” And then proceed to dialogue. Let’s see how things starts to happen. What’s going on around you?

Keep in focus these five truly feminine qualities. And soon you will notice how the world is changing around. It becomes an open, responsive, receiving and giving at the same time.

5 exercises for the development of 5 important qualities in a woman