5 effective ways how to inspire a man

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For every man a driving force is a woman. Without a woman even Napoleon was just an idiot

John Lennon

To inspire a man means “breathe” in his desire. The desire to grow, develop, desire to work, earn money, desire to get married, buy a house, the desire to have children, the desire to be loyal to his wife and so on… the Question of the inspiration of a beloved husband care very many women. This is understandable, because many of us want to see her husband successful and implemented, full of fire and enthusiasm. Inspired by the flowers, compliments and gifts – not on holidays, but just. Just to going home from work, he looked back on us, suddenly came into the flower shop to surprise with a beautiful bouquet… Is it possible? Of course! If with any man? Absolutely!

Before I heard the excuse some men, saying “I basically do not give women flowers”. Why? They could not explain. Only after a while I realized that they were not inspired by these women. In the soul of every man lives a romantic, even the most serious, even the most business, even the most fundamental. To make a woman happy – this is the natural program that controls each representative of the masculine! A man can’t do something for himself, he does not experience this pleasure, because of his emotional field not as widely as women’s.

Emotions woman – that’s what excites the male mind and kindles the inner fire. Emotions are the energy on which rides a man. Than the emotions of a woman who nurtures it, higher and better, the better life will “go to” man. If the emotion is poor, and the movement of men, like a car, which filled cheap gasoline, will be short-lived, and sometimes even a failure in the system will occur and the engine will refuse to work. Therefore, the phrase “I fundamentally do not give women flowers” speak only never inspired men, those who are not fortunate enough to meet a real woman!

In fact, the question of inspiration is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance.

5 effective ways how to inspire a man

Several issues that need to be met the woman to inspire to the exploits of a dear husband!

1. To be beautiful.

2. To be inspired yourself.

3. To give a man pleasure.

4. To give a man positive emotions, to be a source of happiness.

5. Not to do men’s work and not appear like a man.


Beauty is a great power that is very inspiring man. Appearance is the first thing that looks male when meeting with a woman. If his appearance was intriguing, the man does not want to deepen the relationship. To be beautiful is one of the honorable duties of a great woman. Without regard to this rule, the quality of inspiration will not work. The man is very inspired by the beauty of women! It’s hard to be legibly by the Goddess, and quite inconvenient to be a parasite near friendly wife, wearing jewelries and a beautiful hairstyle.

To inspire, you have to be Muse. And unless the Muses are grumpy, touchy, gray pants and a stretched t-shirt?.. On the contrary. Muses are very beautiful creatures, very smiling, very in love, who inspire, really believe in him. And very much able to enjoy life! Enjoy the aroma of scented soap, enjoy savoring the sweet cherries from the cake, to enjoy with kisses and a warm wind… so much beauty to be enjoyed! And Muse constantly fills itself, absorbing the beauty of the world through the enjoyment of…

And it is this energy-filled woman, beautiful and happy, easily able to inspire a man to heroic feats, nothing special making! It’s just there next to the man. In love with him and the beauty of the world. It’s just there. Rest it will do itself!.. Man it is not possible to inspire no tears, no recriminations, no hard feelings. The only thing that it can inspire such behavior is for divorce! And if a woman and getting what he wants by such crude manipulation, so it just shows her not feminine. Beg, laugh. Men cannot stand women’s tears, and therefore are willing to buy and accept it, if only we calmed down. But is there in this value?.. No… But when you with its beauty inspire him, his love, his fullness, that is quite another feeling gives!

5 effective ways how to inspire a man

To be inspired

A woman should be inspired by yourself. She must be wondering alone, she must be a fascinating occupation, a hobby. Just be sure for women !  If you do not know how to enjoy myself, do not know how to be happy and entertain yourself, for example, dancing, meditation, walking, hen parties, where you take the energy of inspiration to her beloved husband?..

5 effective ways how to inspire a man

To give pleasure to the man

Pleasure can be at two levels: gross and subtle. Applies to rough physical contact, such as sex, massage, touch. And subtle – a smile, kind words, positive emotions, happy laughter, flirtation, coquetry…

Some women complain that their men “are concerned” a question of sex, they always stick. This can happen when a wife gives her husband a subtle pleasure. A man needs fuel in the form of the female energy. But you can get it in different ways, not necessarily through sex. A woman can fill a man through a kiss, through gentle words, touches and so on…

But if the woman is not inspired by itself, and if she covered women’s centre, the impact of enjoyment is the problem… Need to increase female hormones in your body through the practice of women’s Affairs, through the dish sweet food, through communication with his Goddess and wearing feminine clothes, and through your positive emotions from the contemplation of the beautiful.5 effective ways how to inspire a man

To give a man positive emotions, to be a source of happiness

A wife should be her husband’s source of joy, source of good news. It forms in the subconscious men the most pleasant associations connected with you, then he will always seek you as the source of inexhaustible heat and light. Try not to tell him bad news, not to overload his frequently changing moods. Yes, a woman has the right to be heard by the man, so he comforted her, sorry, but don’t overreact. The world has so many problems, so many challenges faced man, and if even at home he will see the sour face of his wife, dissatisfied with something or hear from her negative information, sympathy that he cause is clearly not. Another thing, when the whole world is talking about the bad, out of your mouth he hears only pleasant, only inspiring words! Imagine what a precious diamond you can in this case be for your men?..

For the psyche of men is very important, coming after work, to see the house a beautiful wife smiling, speaking kind words (even if it was delayed). One tender look of the loving wife, one gentle touch, a kind gentle word, able to remove all his anxiety and fatigue, and to grant peace and happiness, and the man occurs the subconscious a strong desire to return to his apartment where he was waiting for love and happily greeted.

5 effective ways how to inspire a man

Not to do men’s work and not appear like a man

Being a wife is an inspiration should avoid any activity that is contrary to your femininity. Well, for example, a woman asked the man to move the wardrobe. But men, as a rule, did not immediately respond to the request of the woman. First, he needs to get out of his thoughts, to consider his wife’s words, make the decision to close the case, and only then to fulfill the order. The man rarely immediately runs to do what was asked of him, and that’s fine. But the wife asked, but husband continued to click the remote in front of the TV. She asked a second time, and in the third, but there was no reaction. And there are two versions of events. First: unladylike. To go to move the Cabinet, and then have to make my husband a scandal because he did not help you, or just insulted him and walk all day dark.

And the second option is: feminine. Expressing to the husband’s request, leaving him to think about it. Not to pull every five minutes, and go about their business… Sooner or later, but the man moves the wardrobe. You know, when men move the cabinets? In the two cases. The first, and it should always be: whenever you want! And second, when the… make Woman voiced the request and leaves. If a man goes to perform, he does not feel manly – “I was forced”. So he’s stalling. So she forgot about the request, and I made the decision to move the Cabinet, went and moved. Here they are men, and it is necessary to know and respect.

That is the first option – to do a man’s Affairs, contrary to women’s nature, and therefore do not cause inspiration. If you want to prove something to the man and in front of him defiantly doing men’s work for yourself, prove to him in such a way that you are a strong independent woman, perfectly capable herself, and a man you don’t need. But in the second case they do not contradict femininity, a man will be happy to show you care and help, because in front of him – weak, nothing and non-being. Of course, that’s what he thinks:) We know that when men are not at home, we easily move cabinets and shelves are nailed. But when he is near, he should not even admit the thought that you know how to do a man’s job. The more feminine you are, the more he is inspired to be courageous!

5 effective ways how to inspire a man