5 dances from which you will lose the gift of speech

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The dance of love these two hall of standing ovations. Incredible grace!

Dance Rumba appeared in the 19th century. It has three directions, but the most popular was the Rumba, Guaguanco. During this dance the gentleman follows the lady, trying to touch her thighs, and she in turn tries to avoid it.

The lady in this case – the object of a daring courtship, she’s trying a little to pacify the passion of his men. Perhaps this was the reason that the Rumba is called the “dance of love”…

This guy seemed to float above the ground. This dance you’ve ever seen!

This is a talented guy, with a nickname JustSomeMotion, dancing almost my whole life. He painstakingly worked hard to master every dance trend that exists today. He did this in order to create your own unique style. As he did, you can judge by seeing the video below, in any case, a positive charge is guaranteed!

This elderly couple is staged on the floor show. Incredible dance!

Life expectancy grows every year. Many say today’s 50 is yesterday’s 30, and looking at a few from the video below it is difficult not to agree with it. If you think that dancing is an activity for the young, they will easily prove you wrong. This mobility and sense of rhythm envied by many young, and all because they truly love life, and dance is just one of the manifestations of this immense feeling!

This pair of dancing as more nobody can. Just amazing!

A couple of the video below is truly unique. Nino and violet from the Netherlands manages to harmoniously combine in their performances of dance art and modern 3D technology. The result of this Union of visual illusions and honed by years of skill, merged into a beautiful room. The audience literally cheered standing up and even strict judge, who seemed to have seen everything, could not restrain his excitement!

The guy traveling around the world danced the same dance with 100 strangers

The guy traveling around the world danced the same dance with hundreds of strangers. Was very cool and positive!